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"Таємниці світу".


"Правда життя. Професійні байки".




Т/с "Смерть у раю".


Т/с "Елементарно", 1 сезон, 13-16 с.


Т/с "Смерть у раю".




Т/с "Елементарно", 1 сезон, 21-24 с.


"Випадковий свідок".


"Речовий доказ".


"Таємниці світу".


"Правда життя. Професійні байки".


"Правда життя. Професійні байки".




"Випадковий свідок. Навколо світу".


"Випадковий свідок. Катастрофи".


"Випадковий свідок".




"Випадковий свідок".


Т/с "Гаваї 5.0", 1 сезон, 20 і 21 с.


Т/с "NCIS: Полювання на вбивцю", 6 сезон, 7 с.


Т/с "NCIS: Полювання на вбивцю", 1 сезон, 5 і 6 с.




Т/с "Гаваї 5.0", 1 сезон, 22 і 23 с.


Т/с "NCIS: Полювання на вбивцю", 1 сезон, 7 і 8 с.


Т/с "NCIS: Полювання на вбивцю", 6 сезон, 8 с.

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NTN Channel seeks to provide viewers with only the most relevant and accurate information about what is happening in Ukraine and the world. The name stands for National Television News. The channel began history in November 2004, and in 2007 became a member of the Inter Media Group. The main feature of the channel is a large number of programs with a legal theme. It broadcasts 20 hours a day in Ukrainian and Russian.

Features and target audience of NTN channel

During its existence, NTN received prestigious awards for its special contribution to Ukrainian television in 2005, 2007 and 2008. Program managers and journalists have repeatedly been awarded special diplomas by the Security Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Emergencies, and also received awards from the Office to Combat Crime.

Constantly increasing the audience, NTN continues to work in the previously selected program ideology. Today, the channel covers 94.3% of the country. It is broadcast in other countries (Europe, most of Russia, the Middle East).

Thanks to various programs, NTN is designed for a fairly wide audience. His films and television programs are watched by women and men aged 18-54 years. However, the main audience is men after 35. According to the data for 2017, the share of this channel in the target audience is 2.56%. Its rating is at around 0.38%.

What content is broadcast on NTN?

The television program consists of documentaries and feature films, news programs and journalistic programs. The NTN channel is aimed at the male part of the population of Ukraine, so the action genre occupies a special place on the air. You won’t find talk shows or politics here. This is a good Ukrainian channel that has collected the best detectives in the world (TV shows, programs, films).

Since 2014, the broadcast of most Russian-made products has been withdrawn, so the NTN program was filled with its own programs. For example, a special place is given to the program “Witness” (“Svidok”), which in 2007 and 2008 received the Golden Pen Award as the best law enforcement television program.

Most popular NTN channel broadcasts

The main part of the content of the Ukrainian NTN channel consists of criminal programs and series. Among the most popular proprietary programs worth highlighting:

  • Witness (On Time);
  • Criminal Investigation Legends;
  • Witness. Agents;
  • Cool 90s;
  • The truth of life;
  • Criminal cases;
  • Random Witness;
  • Ukraine is surprising;
  • material evidence.

No less beloved by the audience are series (domestic and foreign), which can be attributed to the detective genre. Among them, a special place is occupied by “Elementary”, “Kulagin and Partners”, “Purely English Killing”.

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