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  • Watch Glas online
    Glas Василий Забашта. Краски его души (сурдоперевод).
  • Watch CNL online
    CNL "Вихід Є!". Дім Слави Божої.
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    Noviy Hristianskiy
  • Watch Vozrozhdenie online
  • Watch Nadezhda online
    Nadezhda Мужчину и женщину. Сотворил их. В раю интимных отношений, 3 ч.
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    EWTN Крок до мети, 3 еп. "Виховання дітей".
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    Союз ТВ "Беседы с батюшкой". Повтор вечерней программы (Санкт-Петербург).
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Christian channels

For the first time, Great Armenia adopted Christianity on the level of the state religion in 301, and it arose in Palestine around 33 AD around the teaching and life of Jesus Christ. Now it is the largest world religion, with more than 2.5 billion adherents. There are several directions:

  • - Catholicism;
  • - Orthodoxy;
  • - Protestantism;
  • - Monophysitism (ancient Eastern Orthodox churches);
  • - Nestorianism (Assyrian Church).

Any area of a person’s life, his interests and hobbies deserve to be represented in modern media. Bible stories, online sermons, popular science programs about God, daily on Christian channels:
1. Renaissance - a television spotlight of the eponymous spiritual center, organized by Vladimir Muntean, and the Charity Fund. In addition to covering their own activities, the channel demonstrates “The Secrets of One Miracle”, “Prayers for Health” live, “Amazing Talents of Ukraine”.
2. New Christian - a scientific and educational television channel broadcasting church conferences, sermons of pastors, and also their video consultations of their parishioners “Three Questions to the Pastor”. In the afternoon, they show a good animated film “Superbook Club” - a series for the youngest viewers, where the chronicle of the events of the Old and New Testaments is read in an accessible form. This allows children to easily learn the Bible and the lessons of kindness that it carries within itself.
3. Hope - touches on the topics of spirituality, forgiveness, personality development: “Weapons of spiritual defeat”, “How to distinguish truth from error”, “Light of hope. Meeting with God"," The Importance of Forgiveness." A lot of good programs about children: “It is customary to count. Adaptation to school "," Seven with a spoon. Children behave badly. Why? ”, And for them the animated series“ The Ignatius Worm, ”“ The Bible Says. Nutrition for your soul. ”
4. Voice - modern Christian television for the whole family. Part of the airtime is allocated to theology lessons and stories about the life of the Saints, “The Gospel for Every Day and the Thoughts of the Holy Fathers”. This is a Ukrainian satellite channel broadcasting in Russian and Ukrainian. Every day, viewers can pray for peace in their country: “Prayer for Ukraine,” and start the morning with “Our Father.”
5. KRT - (Kievan Rus Television) - another local Ukrainian-language channel of the educational format: “Positive News”, “Inside View” and “International Panorama” cover events in the world. There is also a broadcast of feature films and documentaries.
6. EWTN - a global Catholic television network from American media. Some programs of the Ukrainian version are available on the Internet. Every day, Holy Mass takes place live at 3 p.m. There is a news department: talk show “Around the World Live,” hosted by American journalist Raymond Arroyo, covering religious events on the planet.

The new satellite television opens up unlimited possibilities for fast and high-quality informational services for viewers, as well as their spiritual development. Christian TV channels on SWEET TV bring God's word and blessing to every home. They are present in each of the three tariff packages, starting with M (97 UAH / month for 5 carriers). The company’s website has all the conditions of the promotion, lists of channels for each tariff and connection conditions. Join us and you can attend the Church online at any time.