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About the channel

Kiev TV is the main television channel of the capital. He started broadcasting 25 years ago and is always popular. Watching Kiev TV is loved not only by residents of the capital, because the broadcast network is filled with diverse broadcasts. There are entertaining, historical, informational TV shows.

Features of the Kiev TV channel

Kiev TV audience - active people who are interested in what is happening in the capital and the world. Live combines programs of different directions. Several times a day there is a news release about the events in the capital of Ukraine. In the evening, the results are summed up in the analytical news program.

A lot of time is devoted to local politics. These are broadcasts of meetings of city authorities on various issues, interviews with deputies. The Deputatsk Priymalnya program is an hour-long interview with one of the capital’s politicians. Channel Kiev TV does not disregard news in the world of sports. Daily in the afternoon there are sports news releases about the achievements of Ukrainian athletes.

The evening time (17: 00-22: 00) is entirely devoted to news releases and analytical programs. The evening is considered optimal for receiving information: many residents of the capital come from work and learn about what happened in the city and country.

But not only the news is famous for the Kiev TV channel. There is a lot of informative content. So, every morning there is a program “Lіkar Znak” with advice from doctors. “Kyiv History” is a small program about the sights of the city. In the morning air on weekdays there are cartoons for children, and the evening broadcast (after 22:00) is filled with films and TV shows of recent years.

The whole family can watch Kiev TV on weekends: TV programs for children and their parents go on the channel. On weekends, the channel hosts the most interesting films, news of 2010-2020. Broadcasting the TV channel is in good quality, which is especially appreciated by owners of large-screen TVs.

How to watch Kiev TV channel in Ukraine?

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