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"Країна У".


"Жіночий квартал".


Т/с "Одного разу під Полтавою", 85-88 с.


"Країна У".


"Танька і Володька".


"Розсміши коміка. Діти".


"Ліга сміху".


"Танька і Володька".


Т/с "Одного разу під Полтавою", 203-206 с.


Т/с "Одного разу під Полтавою", 285 і 286 с.


"Ігри приколів".


"Вечірній квартал".


"Ліга сміху".

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An evening in the family circle watching your favorite TV shows, can there be anything better? The entertainment channel KVARTAL TV is exactly what you need. There is no vulgar humor, because you will laugh with the whole family. The heroes of programs, series, and films that have long been loved, current topics, political satire, successful projects and shows are all available on the channel. Now you don’t have to catch your favorite shows on different TV channels, because everything is collected in one place.

Channel Quarter 95: Key Features

Quarter 95 Studio has long won the love of the audience and demonstrated that Ukrainian content can be of high quality and in demand. More than 1000 hours of KVARTAL TV’s in-house video is available anytime. An age audience starts at age 12 and has no limits.

All humorous programs are produced by the Ukrainian team of professionals. The shows will be understandable and relevant for the residents of Ukraine. The most pressing topics are presented with humor, which helps to survive the not always simple realities of life.

The mission of the channel is a positive outlook and optimistic attitude, a manifestation of kindness and care for the audience. There is no bad news, horror and political sensations, only good humor and love films. KVARTAL TV is new projects and old popular TV broadcast formats, humorous conversations on the air with invited guests and unexpected raffles of stars.

Without a break for advertising, you can enjoy your favorite programs. You are waiting for the release of such shows:

  • Evening quarter;
  • Make a comedian laugh;
  • Fun games;
  • Maydans.

Favorite TV shows are also available: «Matchmakers», «Kraina U», «Baiky Mityaya», «Servant of the people».

Benefits of Sweet.tv

The advantages of interactive television are the lack of advertising and the constant traffic of your favorite TV shows. You no longer need to switch channels and wait for the ad to end. Enjoy KVARTAL TV online, for this you need a stable Internet connection from any provider.

On KVARTAL TV you can watch your favorite TV shows online from various media: TV, computer, laptop and even smartphone. One connection package will allow you to simultaneously use 5 different gadgets and enjoy many TV channels.

We offer several packages that differ in content. Here are waiting for the best films and television shows in HD, access to news and entertainment channels at any time. Convenient controls will help put the broadcast on pause. Remote connection is via SMS or online.

We give the opportunity to share the joy of viewing with family, friends and neighbors. The subscription does not depend on location, and the transfer of an access code will allow loved ones to enjoy movies with you.