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"Єдині новини". Телемарафон.


"Єдині новини". Телемарафон.


"Єдині новини". Телемарафон.


"Єдині новини". Телемарафон.

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Zoom HD

Zoom is an entertaining Ukrainian television channel that is included in the list of Inter Media Group projects. It began broadcasting in June 2013, replacing the MTV Ukraine channel. Broadcast takes place in Ukrainian. The Zoom channel is most popular among young people. That is why in the list of his programs you can find a variety of entertainment programs, extreme and sports shows, films and TV shows in the genres of comedy and action.

Features and Zoom target audience

For several years, Zoom has been broadcasting successfully in Ukraine. It can hardly be called successful, but he definitely found his audience thanks to the variety of products on offer. You can watch the channel not only in our country, the broadcast also takes place in Europe, Moldova, Belarus. The main mission of the journalists and editors of the channel see the rapprochement of people of different ages and social status.

This is a music and entertainment channel, which mainly broadcasts films and programs of such channels as Inter, NTN, K1 and others. He is loved by people of various age categories - from 18 to 40 years old. The target audience of Zoom consists of active, purposeful and cheerful viewers who prefer to watch interesting and funny videos, listen to popular modern music.

According to the Industrial Television Committee, in 2019 the TV channel took 26th place, receiving a rating of 0.05%.

Zoom channel content online and on the air

Despite the fact that most of the airtime is distributed between the programs and programs of other television channels that are part of the Inter Media Group, this channel also has its own projects. Also, foreign films in various genres are presented to viewers. Everyone can choose among a wide variety of television programs to their taste.

Zoom channel on Sweet.TV is an opportunity to watch sketches, music programs, news, TV shows, shows and entertainment programs. Whatever you choose, be sure to get only positive emotions from watching.

The most popular TV shows, shows, and shows on Zoom

If you like to watch extreme shows, you will definitely like Extreme Collection. The TV channel is ready to offer many more interesting things:

  • Beyond the possibilities;
  • Fear Factor;
  • Minute for victory;
  • Wipe Out;
  • Funny to the pain;
  • This crazy sport;
  • Adventure seekers.

Among the variety you can find interesting series: "Until I glued fins", "Three Sisters", "Little Things", "Rebellious Way". It will be interesting for women to watch the programs “American Bridegroom” and “Pregnant Diary”. The channel’s fun programs will help to improve the mood: “Evening Kiev”, “Hi Ta Ha”, “Lesya Zdesya”, “Hu from Hu” and others.

Why watch Zoom online on Sweet.TV?

Despite the fact that the TV channel is practically new in broadcasting time of Ukrainians, many have already fallen in love with it for the variety of entertainment projects. If you want to relax and enjoy good gear, choose Zoom.

Thanks to the Sweet.TV service, you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows in high quality in any convenient place. What are the advantages of our site? Here you will find a large selection of convenient rates. Each viewer will definitely be able to choose the best option. We also offer to watch your favorite TV channels on different devices.