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About the channel

ATR HD channel

ATR HD is the first Crimean Tatar television channel on Ukrainian territory. It began broadcasting in 2006 in Simferopol. In 2015, he stopped transmitting the signal offline after the occupation of Crimea by Russian troops. A month later he returned to live broadcast from Kiev. The ATR HD channel operates under the slogan «About East for the West and West for the East». Most of the programs are broadcast in the Crimean Tatar language (35%), and there are also live broadcasts in Russian (20%), Ukrainian (30%) and Turkish (15%).

ATR HD: Primary Audience

The main target audience of this channel is the Crimean Tatar population, which lives not only in the territory of Crimea, but also around the world. To date, its transmission is watched by about 5 million viewers daily. Due to the wide variety of television programs, the channel is popular among almost all age groups.

ATR HD online: what content is broadcast?

Most of the airtime is occupied by news and information programs, thanks to which viewers will learn about the latest important events in Crimea, Ukraine and around the world. Various telethon are also held, which are aimed at understanding the current situation in the country. The ATR HD TV program is based on the copyright projects of journalists: Roman Skrypin, Ayder Muzhdabaev, Olesya Galych, Omer Bash, Shevket Namatullaev, Elmaz Asanova, Centumera Seytumerova, Gulsum Halilova, Oleg Borisov.

ATR HD Channel: Most Popular Broadcasts

This Crimean Tatar channel offers its viewers the following programs:

  • «Bridge» — telethon for the most important events in Ukraine and the world, which may affect the life of the Crimean Tatar people;
  • «Prime» — » — news broadcast during which journalists offer their vision of the situation;
  • «Zaman News, get the latest news from the world and Ukraine;
  • «Saba (Ranok)» — morning meetings with various famous people, conversations on important topics that interest many;
  • «Aqsam (Evening)» — evening meetings with popular politicians, economists, political scientists and other figures who share their opinions on important events;
  • «Bugun (Сьогодні)» — interesting marathons with famous guests of the program;
  • «Canli Studio» — meet musicians, artists and other creative people who are happy to share their work with the audience;
  • «Altin Devir» — learn the art of different nations of the world, touch the beautiful every day.

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