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About the channel

MTV Live HD is an international music channel owned by the well-known MTV Networks and broadcasts on four continents in high definition. The managing office of the channel is located in Warsaw. Initially, the channel showed two transmission blocks: MTV HD and Nickelodeon HD, but since 2010 it broadcasts only music, and Nickelodeon programs — on weekdays at night or in the early morning on weekends. In 2011, MTV Live HD took the benchmark for live live shows and music.

MTV Live HD online channel: features and popular broadcasts

This channel has gradually expanded its geographical distribution and now broadcasts not only in Europe, America and Asia, but also in Australia. In 2011, MTV channels were rebranded, as a result of which MTV Live HD got its name. In 2013, the logo changed: it became more modern and adapted to the style of the MTV family. The main target audience of MTV Live HD is online youth and middle-aged people who love music of different directions.

Among the main television programs that are very popular with viewers, the following are distinguished:

  • Hot Right Now !;
  • Asks;
  • News;
  • 100% Live Top 10;
  • Essentials;
  • This Week TOP 20.

Hot Right Now! provides for the broadcast of popular music videos in non-stop mode, without ads and breaks. The Asks program is informative and entertaining, interviews are held with famous, sometimes outrageous stars, answering a variety of questions. This telecast will be interesting to those who follow idols and want to find out relevant information about life.

On MTV Live HD, you can watch online the News program, which tells the most interesting news of show business. She will tell about upcoming premieres, stellar scandals and trends in different musical directions. 100% Live Top 10 will show the top ten best live performances that will give positive emotions.

Essentials — real musical battles between star performers that do not leave anyone indifferent. This is an entertaining music show that can impress with unexpected results. This Week TOP 20 is the main hit parade of the popular TV channel, introducing viewers to the twenty best performers of the week. The rating is determined taking into account the musical applications, so that everyone can influence the results.

How to watch MTV Live HD in high quality online?

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