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About the channel

Nickelodeon is an entertaining television channel for children and adolescents. It was created in the USA in 1977 and since then remains one of the most popular in the whole world. Broadcasting is conducted in 22 languages.

Target Audience and Nickelodeon Features

Nickelodeon received its modern name in 1979, and before that it was called S-3, it was free and unprofitable. He was faced with the task of expanding the popularity of cable television throughout the country, initially there was no advertising. Gradually, the airtime was filled with various shows and animated series, which positively affected the expansion of the target audience and the increase in the number of viewers.

Advertising appeared in 1983, as the production of children's programs was expensive and there was a need to cover costs. Today, Nickelodeon TV channel consists of many blocks focused on different age categories.

The channel is intended for the development and entertainment of children, adolescents and their parents, therefore, it tries to regularly analyze the interests and needs of the audience, to study behavioral trends. The main part of the audience is children from 3 to 16 years old. Thanks to research, Nickelodeon was able to create a unique multi-platform company by combining live streaming and online resources. Every child loves to watch Nickelodeon because of the wide variety of programs, shows, cartoons and children's films.

What content is broadcast?

In Ukraine, the Nickelodeon block has been working on Plus Plus and TET TV channels (since 2018). Basically, airtime consists of animated series and cartoons that help children develop, learn to properly respond to various problems and make decisions. In the television program there are several entertainment projects, characterized by the presence of humor. For the smallest channel offers short animated series about friendship, courage and other values.

Nickelodeon online channel: the most popular cartoons, films and programs

Entertainment programs and projects of our own production at Nickelodeon attract the attention of children of all ages. The smallest will enjoy watching such programs:

  • Traveler Dora;
  • Umizumi Team;
  • Bun Tips;
  • Olivia;
  • The Little Kingdom of Ben and Holly;
  • Wonderful beasts.

The channel offers many animated series that children and their parents will like:

  • Avatar: The Legend of Korra;
  • SpongeBob SquarePants;
  • Life and adventures of a teenage robot;
  • Kappa Mikey;
  • Madagascar Penguins;
  • Hey Arnold !;
  • Angry beavers.

Teenagers like to watch special projects created taking into account the wishes of this age category:

  • Abode of Anubis;
  • Drake and Josh;
  • Nikki, Ricky, Dicky and Don.

The channel also releases original films for a good mood.

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