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About the channel

The information and entertainment channel TBA from Chernivtsi received satellite and digital broadcasting licenses in 2019. He went from the local to the national level due to the many original programs and the good quality of television production. TBA is expanding its presence in the networks of cable operators.

Sweet.tv service allows you to watch TBA online right now together with other Ukrainian TV channels. More videos to watch can be found in the TBA YouTube account. Live broadcast is available on the official website, which allows you to watch the TBA channel online and view the archive of programs.

Who is the TBA channel for?

The target audience of the TVA channel is residents of the city of Chernivtsi, the region and neighboring regions. The channel is broadcast in Ukrainian. One of the goals of the start of satellite broadcasting is the ability to watch TBA for people in mountainous areas where the broadcast signal is weak. Due to the quality of the original television programs, the channel will be interesting to all residents of Ukraine and will introduce them to the way of life of Bukovina. A variety of programs designed for viewers of all ages, professions and statuses.

TVA TV Program

A well-coordinated and professional journalistic team of the TVA channel prepares dozens of information and entertainment programs. The channel will tell you in detail about all aspects of local life and what is happening in Ukraine. Camera crews broadcast live events, TVA journalists investigate and search for answers to pressing questions, and creative teams create interesting content. Incomplete list of TV channel programs:

  • Topics of the day - an overview information program on the results of the day, a digest of past events in the city and region, an announcement of upcoming events;
  • PostFactum - discussion with the invited guest of current events in Chernivtsi and Ukraine;
  • vТЕМІ - talk show in the format of a press club, the editor-in-chief and guests of the channel discuss the events of the past week;
  • Svit Kazok - children's entertaining and educational program with cartoons and interesting stories;
  • Our health’s - a medical program that tells about a healthy lifestyle, medical institutions in the region, the characteristics of various diseases and the fight against them;
  • Trend - a program about fashion, lifestyle and business;
  • People of Svitla - stories about the life and work of prominent Chernivtsi people of the past;
  • Football - broadcast matches of local and national championships;
  • Sarah on the sidelines - the presenter talks with deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in between sessions;
  • Sinema - stories about famous movie figures and iconic films.

TVA channel on Sweet.tv

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