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About the channel

Channel Gulli is of French origin and was first launched on the air in 2005. During this period, he changed the program, but always broadcast only the best programs: cartoons, films, series, which were loved by children around the world.

Gulli Channel Features

The ordinary children's channel, where they showed content for boys and girls, gradually gained popularity, becoming a favorite among both children and their parents. Gulli owes its name to the famous fairy-tale character Gulliver, whose name in the abbreviation became a household name on TV. Noteworthy is the fact that today the broadcast takes place not only in France, but also in other countries. In this regard, adapted versions were released:

  • Russian version, which became available to the CIS countries since 2009;
  • version for Africa, which continues to be broadcast in French, but is available for countries in the tropical continent;
  • Arabic Gulli, relevant in eastern countries, as well as reflecting the traditions and culture of the population, adapting to the schedule of local children.

In 2017, when an active struggle began with the use of live animals in circus performances, Gulli received a special award for respecting our smaller brothers. Such an award was deserved for refusing to release live performances and any other content where wild animals would take part.

Noteworthy is the fact that Gulli online is not only a television, but also a separate radio station on the Internet. The rotation uses children's songs, teaching methods, for example, in the form of counters. Also in France there is a recreation center and a children's park of the same name.

Gulli audience and broadcasts

In France, every child wants Gulli to watch online, so the channel takes the first position in the popularity rating. The age of young viewers varies from 4 to 10 years. Since the channel can be turned on not only on TV, but also on the Internet, peers from around the world are added to French children. And after the decision was made to provide access to the library of programs, Gulli fans online increased. Content is suitable for the whole family, babies of various ages, as well as teenage children.

On the Gulli channel you can watch online popular animated series, feature films from around the world, TV shows for children and adolescents that have won trust and love. So, the largest number of fans in the TV show received:

  • The adventures of Spider-Man is a story about the struggle for justice, heroism against the background of teenagers' first love;
  • Winx Club is the story of dolls, where there is a place for friendship, mutual assistance, love and, of course, fashion;
  • Power Rangers series about teenagers who transform into warriors to confront evil.

There are also high-quality science-educational shows.

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