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About the channel

RADA - a nationwide parliamentary Ukrainian television channel that covers the activities of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. The main task is to broadcast plenary meetings of the Verkhovna Rada. The RADA channel broadcasts exclusively in Ukrainian. Designed for an adult audience interested in the affairs of the apparatus of power and political events. Director - journalist Vladimir Leh.

TV channel RADA: broadcast features

The RADA channel first aired on the frequency of the First National with news about the activities of parliament. The first program was the “BP Session Diary”, to which was subsequently added the transmission of the information and analytical genre “Parliamentary Bulletin”. Today it is a separate TV channel, which has been broadcast around the clock since 2018. The sources of activity were reporters Svetlana Makarenko and Nikolai Ostrovsky.

On the RADA channel online, a television program is presented, including programs dedicated to the work of the Verkhovna Rada and deputies, as well as discussions. There is content from regional television companies and special projects on the air:

  • Lens;
  • The world of diplomacy;
  • Revelation;
  • European state;
  • Economic dialogues.

The most popular are the exclusive news from the RADA channel, which are published several times a day. On the air you can see interviews with people's deputies, a video about the meeting of parliamentary committees, live broadcasts from the lobby of BP.

The work of the deputies is dedicated to the project "Parliamentary Day". Events with the participation of the President of Ukraine are being broadcast. Analysis of the news for the week is given in the TV show “Accents of the week”. The program has programs dedicated to Ukrainian history and outstanding personalities who have contributed to the development of statehood.

RADA online closely cooperates with regional shopping and entertainment centers and highlights the problems of self-government. Since 2015, decentralization programs have been launched, in which the leaders of the RSA participate. A series of programs was also launched with the participation of European parliamentarians, foreign politicians, and ambassadors of other states in Ukraine. The official website is working. Comprehensive coverage of political events makes it possible to see the whole picture and independently evaluate what is happening.

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