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Mega channel

Mega can be called the only Ukrainian TV channel that could combine entertainment and educational programs. It is this feature that distinguishes it from competitors. Recently, many Ukrainians like to watch Mega, because there is a wide selection of the most popular and interesting television programs from around the world (Animal Planet, BBC, National Geographic, History and other channels). These programs are spoken not only in Ukraine, but also around the globe.

Mega Channel: History and Target Audience

Mega Channel began broadcasting in 2005. At that time, it was called Megasport and showed mainly sports programs, football and other sports matches. In 2010, the channel is part of the Inter Media Group, after which the concept changes dramatically. First, Mega becomes a male television channel, but later finds a special place on Ukrainian air. Today, viewers enjoy the most popular entertainment programs, learn something new about the world, space, future, science.

The Ukrainian channel Mega is thematic and is aimed at different age categories. Due to the variety of programs, which are divided into cognitive and entertaining, the target audience of the channel represents women and men aged 18-45 years. The TV program is perfect for people with wealth and a good sense of humor.

What content is broadcast on Mega Channel?

This channel broadcasts the best documentary series, entertainment and science shows, historical programs, sketch shows and sporting events from around the world. With Mega online at Sweet.TV, you will be the first to learn about the most important news, virtually visit uncharted and mysterious corners of the planet, witness the latest scientific discoveries and learn to survive in extreme conditions. The main goal of the channel is to teach viewers how to spend free time with style.

The most popular shows and programs on Mega

If you like to learn something new every day, watch the Mega online channel is the right decision. Here is a wide variety of programs, the most popular of which are:

  • Smartshow;
  • Mystical Ukraine;
  • Fake story;
  • Pride of Ukraine;
  • You can do better;
  • Science.ua;
  • Through the eyes of penguins;
  • The true story of Jesus;
  • Games of the emperors.

You will find popular historical programs that have been featured on renowned channels such as the BBC or History. And if you want to have some fun, you can choose the program “Battle of Fishing”, “In Search of Innovation” or “The Art of Survival.”

Why is it worth watching Mega online on Sweet.TV?

Thanks to the Sweet.TV service, you will watch your favorite movies, shows and shows on any device in high HD quality. All channels go live, so you definitely won’t miss the new series of the series or the broadcast of a sporting event.

Why is our site so user-friendly? Firstly, these are affordable rates. You choose one of several packages depending on your preferences. Secondly, up to five different devices are available at one tariff to watch your favorite TV shows anywhere. Thirdly, we offer a large library of the best foreign and domestic films. With us, a good mood is definitely ensured. Sweet.TV is a place where you can find entertainment for every taste.