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About the channel

Animal Planet is an international channel that broadcasts films, series, shows and documentaries related to the animal world. Here is a lot of useful information for fans of our smaller brothers. Broadcasting the channel will take you to the world of nature, wild and domestic animals. This is a fascinating journey that will appeal not only to adults, but also to children.

The programs that Animal Planet shows are able to instill in children love and respect for nature. Amazing facts are revealed here, and the behavior of a wide variety of animals is explained, which not everyone even knows about.

The Animal Planet channel is broadcast in more than 70 countries of the world, it was created in 1996. In 2008, the channel logo was changed, the air replenished with new shows that are designed for more adult viewers. Today, the content of Animal Planet is not only scientific and instructive, but also fascinating and interesting, therefore it is easily perceived and remembered.

What TV shows can I watch on Animal Planet online?

Some of the channel’s most popular shows are:

  • Tree houses;
  • The amazing world of animals;
  • Hell cat;
  • Uncharted Europe;
  • Wild, dangerous and ferocious.

"Tree houses" is a fascinating and informative program that implements the most unusual housing projects in harmony with nature. The host of the program and one of the best specialists in the construction of tree houses takes on the realization of the most daring ideas and shows all the stages of this process. The program will not leave indifferent those who in childhood dreamed of a cozy treehouse.

Animal Planet online channel reveals the secrets of nature in the program "Amazing world of animals." Some of the representatives of the fauna have real superpowers, the authors of the program examine them and share amazing facts with the audience.

The Infernal Cat program will be useful for those who have problems with their pets from time to time. The author of the program is able to pacify and re-educate even the most stubborn and uncontrolled animals. Each series is a separate, unique story that not only drives you into sadness, but also makes you laugh, because the professional approach cannot be called standard.

"Unknown Europe" will tell about the most distant and unusual corners of the planet, where nature is in its original form, and the animal world is huge and varied. The Animal Planet online program “Wild, Dangerous and Ferocious” introduces the most frightening situations of animal attacks on humans, not only large and aggressive animals, but also inconspicuous sea killers appear here.

How to watch Animal Planet in HD quality?

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