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About the channel

K1 channel

K1 is one of the Ukrainian entertainment channels, which is part of the Inter Media Group concern. The channel was created in 2005 and managed to gain popularity among many viewers. He mainly focuses on scientific, educational, entertaining programs, his own programs of various subjects, popular TV shows and the best feature films. Channel K1 is represented in most of the regional centers of Ukraine, as well as in all areas. Broadcast takes place around the clock.

Features and target audience K1

K1 channel is distinguished by its cheerfulness, positiveness and every day tries to give the audience good emotions. It is nationwide and has been in the top 10 most popular in the country for years.

Most of the channel’s audience is made up of young girls who have just entered adulthood, started a family, or gave birth to their first child. At the end of 2017, K1 received a rating of 2.54% among viewers aged 18-54 years. The main goal of the channel is to make people happy, teach them how to keep their families and relationships, and to value loved ones.

What content is broadcast on K1?

The broadcast of various educational programs about the planet, unique travels, women's secrets, as well as high-quality films and women's favorite TV shows - this is the basis of the channel’s content. If you want to learn how to look beautiful, to study the latest discoveries in the world of science, to visit, together with leading programs in remote corners of the planet, you will definitely like to watch K1. Here you can have fun with your whole family watching popular entertainment shows.

K1 online opens up new possibilities for viewers. Among the most popular programs:

  • Wow show;
  • Eagle and Tails. Reboot;
  • Eagle and Tails. Sea season;
  • Do you know ?;
  • Eagle and Tails. Shopping.

Also, young people will be attracted to interesting series of domestic and foreign production for every taste:

  • The amazing wanderings of Hercules;
  • Dr. House;
  • Dear Doctor;
  • Doctor Who;
  • Hunters of antiquities.

On the channel’s website there is a section “Portal of happy people”, where every day they talk about happiness, add interesting and positive quotes. Keep up your good mood with K1.

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