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PlusPlus channel

Plus Plus is a nationwide Ukrainian TV channel for children, part of the 1 + 1 media group. Broadcasts foreign and Ukrainian cartoons and animated series, children's cognitive and educational programs. There are programs for family viewing on the air, but the TV program is mainly designed for children of preschool and school age. Present own content.

Channel Plus Plus: broadcast of children's programs

Plus Plus began broadcasting as a Kiev city television channel. Then it became regional, and since 2012 it has been operating as an all-Ukrainian children's channel. In the television program there are animated films of famous studios in America and Europe, Ukrainian cartoons, as well as programs of their own production. The most popular programs are:

  • Світ чекає на відкриття;
  • Kazka with tatom;
  • Corinthians;
  • Tse - our and tse - yours.

"Light check on vіdkrittya" - one of the educational projects for children and adults, which tells about the inventors and their discoveries. Looking at them, the child must understand that the most ordinary people are changing the world, and everyone can do it.

"Kazka z tatom" - a series of programs for evening reading of fairy tales. In the framework of the project, well-known Ukrainian journalists, musicians, actors read children's tales aloud. The program forms the tradition of evening reading, the habit of reading at night.

"Korisni pіdkazki" - a program that teaches children to think, reason, analyze information, make decisions in a playful way. The channel offers to learn this from examples that do not scare or repel a child. Little spectators get a lot of useful things out of the game.

"Tse - our and tse - yours" - a new animated series about the success of Ukrainians and Ukraine. The project, in a straightforward but easy and unobtrusive way, says that these achievements belong to the whole nation and to each of us. The programs presented on Plus Plus online have repeatedly received television awards, including Teletriumph.

The television program presents cartoons from Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, as well as films for children. The official heroes of the channel are Square, Triangle and Circle, which can be seen in programs of their own production. They accompany the audience on trips, help to gain new knowledge, give advice and simply entertain. You can find the TV program on the channel’s official website.

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