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Da Vinci Learning has begun work in Berlin. Interesting scientific and informative content that is offered live is available worldwide, including the CIS countries. Another feature of the program in the morning hours, the content is mainly intended for children, and in the late afternoon, programs that are interesting for teenagers and adults begin to appear.

Da Vinci Learning Channel: Key Features

The educational TV programs that go on TV were so liked by children and adults that a mobile application was developed in which familiar characters help the child explore the world, learn new things and develop skills. Da Vinci Learning can watch online all family members. But the programs are initially designed for children. On the air there are cartoons and shows for the little ones, programs for schoolchildren and even scientific and educational programs that allow you to study entertaining facts.

Since the beginning of the Da Vinci Learning channel, the main mission has been considered to provide reliable answers to the most popular children's questions. However, practice has shown that not only kids like scientific facts, historical events, life of nature and its inhabitants. When it became clear that adults were no less interested, the programs were supplemented and adapted to a new audience.

Thanks to Da Vinci Learning you can learn:

  • technical disciplines that are presented in such a way as to show viewers that science is a fascinating process, not routine and mandatory practice;
  • to perform useful actions in a playful way, this allows parents to teach their child to do household chores with pleasure;
  • stories on the Da Vinci Learning channel, you will not only get acquainted with famous facts, but also learn a lot of new and unknown, study the biographies of famous personalities who have contributed to science;
  • understanding of nature through informative and instructive stories;
  • the basics of sports and outdoor activities.

All shows and programs are divided into blocks, each has a corresponding color. The general topic is sorted into sub-items and studied in detail thanks to videos, stories, animations. You can watch informative stories about culture on the Da Vinci Learning channel. Cartoons have become popular:

  • Millie Miss questions in each series, the girl asks her dad everything that interests her and receives detailed answers;
  • Who is there? stories about a boy traveling with a dog and exploring the world;
  • The history of art introduces kids to the great creators and their works.

For a greater study of nature and phenomena at Da Vinci Learning online there are shows «In search of things», «Secrets of evolution», «Operation Oh». Viewers also like the «Maths around us», «When I grow up», «Myth or science», «Tricky art».

Benefits of Sweet.tv

To access Sweet.tv and watch Da Vinci Learning online and many other educational or entertainment channels, you only need an Internet connection and a device for broadcasting. No wires and additional equipment, everything is simple, convenient and fast.