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UA The first is the oldest Ukrainian TV channel, although it started broadcasting only from January 1, 2018. Content does not imply any particular age or direction. Everyone will find something interesting for themselves. Traditional greetings at the beginning of each day - "Good morning, country": in addition to current events and current news, presenters in the format of the photo event are concerned with problems that concern ordinary citizens, and with the help of visitors of the studio - experts - looking for solutions. Serious topics are diluted with entertaining and funny subjects. Before the election of UT 1, the TV program almost got rid of the dawn show after an open interview with Yulia Tymoshenko, but everything has worked out, and fans continue to wake up with their favorite program. During the day, reports on political, social, sporting and cultural life are broadcast. The European Championship Championship broadcasts have been purchased for the fans. The children's page is represented by animated series. But there are other cool things that young viewers of the First program are happy to watch: "Who is the host?" - the guests of our stars' pets are leading everyday beasts who not only see daily idols but also love and care for themselves; "Shamwari: Wildlife Territory" is a popular science cycle about the adventures of animals in their natural habitat; Discover Ukraine is a non-formal education for students.

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