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The first Ukrainian round-the-clock news television is private channel 24, it has been operating since March 2006. Initially, the video was presented with an off-screen voice of the announcer, later the channel switched to the format of the hosts and supplemented the television program with analytical programs and talk shows. The news program is divided into thematic blocks: political events, economics, sports, show business, technology and others.

The official website of channel 24 is a full-fledged information portal with news, articles and links to programs, divided by topic on the main page. The site has a video blog service in which famous personalities and experts share their opinions. You can watch 24 channel in good quality online using the website or application for smartphones. The channel was the first in Ukraine to create applications for smart TV systems of leading TV manufacturers.

Sweet.tv service offers viewing channel 24 TV channel online along with other news channels to compile a complete and holistic picture of events. The purpose of the channel is to honestly and truthfully inform the audience about what is happening in Ukraine and the world.

24 channel audience

The channel is intended primarily for residents of Ukraine, all programs are conducted in Ukrainian. The channel calls its viewers smart and active people who need to keep abreast of everything that is actually happening in order to be able to draw their own conclusions. Channel 24 is one of the most popular in the country, it is watched by about 17 million people.

Channel 24 TV Program

At a time convenient for most viewers, the news bulletin is interrupted by programs analyzing events in the country and the world and telling about various areas of life. During the time elapsed after the format change, the following programs were broadcast and loved by the audience:

  • Schemes - Natalka Sedletskaya’s program dedicated to anti-corruption investigations and analytics is published once a week;
  • Our pennies - Denis Bigus’s broadcast about corruption among government officials;
  • Krim.Realії - Radio Liberty program about the situation in Crimea and its inhabitants, started immediately after the annexation of the peninsula by Russia in 2014;
  • Voice of America - a program from a studio in Washington with coverage of life in Ukraine and the USA. There is an emphasis on the US reaction to Ukrainian events;
  • About Novini - Anton Ovdienko’s original program, in which the presenter shares his thoughts on current issues;
  • Foldable nutrition - analytical program of lawyer and former deputy Tatyana Ostrikova;
  • Sho tse bulo? - the transfer of Sergey Leshchenko and Evgenia Motorevskaya, during which the presenters and invited guests discuss resonant events;
  • Pislya vsyogo - analysis and analysis of news from Dmitry Gnap.

News on Sweet.tv

Sweet.tv viewers have access to the full range of political news in Ukraine and the world. On the top rated channels, analysts and their guests are trying to figure out the situation. On the news channels you can see the live broadcast of the most important events, live broadcasts from the scene, reports from the life of other countries. To distract from politics, you can watch entertainment channels or movies from the extensive Sweet.tv collection.