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Хіти минулих років.


Хіти минулих років.


Хіти минулих років.


Хіти минулих років.

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4ever music HD

4ever music Ukrainian — music channel, which is one of the most popular. This is a relatively young television channel that began broadcasting content in 2018. Originally called UA Music. Now it broadcasts around the clock.

What programs does 4ever music Ukraine broadcast?

Previously, it was focused on the music of Ukrainian artists and existed as an alternative to EU Music, where European songs and music videos were broadcast. In October 2018, the channel changed its name to 4ever music and reoriented itself to classical and contemporary music by world performers.

Channel 4ever music Ukraine several times in the history of its existence changed the logo. Initially, it was a square, inside which a smiley smile, the inscription UA ​​on the right, and below the smaller font — music. The logo had a blue tint and colored stripes, was placed at the bottom in the right corner.

From 2018 to 2019, the logo was a rounded rectangle with 4ever inside and an inscription in yellow italics above this figure. The number was red, and the letters and rectangle were blue. The updated logo has moved to the upper right corner.

Today, the 4ever music logo online looks like this: a white rectangle and an inscription of the same color, but with a modified font of the word. It is located there in the upper right corner. 4ever music — online channel designed for an audience of young and middle-aged music lovers. Despite the fact that this channel is considered relatively young, it has many fans.

The whole air is occupied by the hits of past years, they sound here around the clock. Such content will delight connoisseurs of quality music from world famous performers who have become legends. Many are no longer there, but their songs are alive and revered by true fans of musical creativity. There is no separation by focus and style, so this channel will be interesting to people with different tastes. On the air you can listen to the compositions of the following legendary artists:

  • Nirvana;
  • Prodigy;
  • Radiohead;
  • Queen;
  • Depeche Mode;
  • Madonna;
  • Celine Dion;
  • Sting;
  • Whitney Houston;
  • Elton John.

And this is not the whole list of world-famous world legends that will never be forgotten.

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