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In 2002, the American television channel American Movie Classics was simply called AMC. The title reveals the original intent of its creators - the broadcast of classic Hollywood films. In 1996, the first independent series of the channel was shown. In the future, the main reason for the popularity of the channel and its wide distribution became the series of its own production. Currently, the channel shows series, films of various years from Miramax and MGM, spin-offs and after-shows to their own projects.

AMC channel is one of the most popular in the USA, where more than 85% of families and in more than 20 countries of the world subscribe to it. The Russian version of the channel has been broadcast in the countries of the CIS and Eastern Europe since 2015. Sweet.tv service gives you the opportunity to watch AMC online in Ukraine.

Who will be interested in the AMC TV show?

The channel is intended for an adult audience. Films shown may include violent scenes, rude language, drug references. The program guide will appeal to fans of high-quality action-packed thrillers, horrors, extreme series. The AMC channel is not limited by subject; in the extensive program, most viewers will find the show to their taste.

AMC Series

AMC series shows are more famous than the name of the channel. The most striking example is the black comedy Breaking Bad. In the usual AMC manner, the protagonist is a controversial personality. School teacher Walter White found out that he had cancer and was involved in the production of a methamphetamine drug to save his family’s livelihood after his death.

The tape was recognized as one of the best American series, collected a huge number of awards and became a meme of pop culture. Other AMC series have also become popular:

  • The Walking Dead - the second super popular series of the AMC channel, which tells about survival after a global catastrophe and continues to remain on the crest of success after 10 years on the air;
  • Better call Saul - a crime drama about lawyer Saul Goodman, a character from Breaking Bad. Their stories overlap;
  • A preacher — a preacher from Texas, joins with supernatural beings in a literal search for God;
  • Turn: Washington spies - a story about real events, the activities of the spy organization of the period of the war for US independence;
  • Madmen - a drama about the life and relationships of workers of an American advertising agency of the 1960s;
  • Hell on Wheels - a drama about the times after the US Civil War.

TV shows and movies on Sweet TV

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