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Теніс. Вімблдон. Карлос Алькарас (Іспанія) - Марк Лаял (Естонія).


Теніс. Вімблдон. Марта Костюк (Україна) - Дар'я Севілл (Австралія).


Теніс. Вімблдон. Магда Лінетт (Польща) - Еліна Світоліна (Україна).


Теніс. Вімблдон. Віт Копршива (Чехія) - Новак Джокович (Сербія).


Теніс. Вімблдон. Карлос Алькарас (Іспанія) - Марк Лаял (Естонія).


Теніс. WTA 250. Палермо, Італія. 1/4 фіналу. Пряма трансляція.


Теніс. Вімблдон. Марта Костюк (Україна) - Ребекка Шрамкова (Словаччина).


Теніс. Вімблдон. Яннік Сіннер (Італія) - Маттео Берреттіні (Італія).


Теніс. Вімблдон. Барбора Крейчикова (Чехія) - Олена Рибакіна (Казахстан).


Теніс. Вімблдон. Юле Німаєр (Німеччина) - Еліна Світоліна (Україна).


Теніс. Вімблдон. Марта Костюк (Україна) - Ребекка Шрамкова (Словаччина).


Теніс. Вімблдон. Барбора Крейчикова (Чехія) - Олена Рибакіна (Казахстан).


Автоспорт. Формула-1. Етап 13. Гран-прі Угорщини. Кваліфікація. Пряма трансляція.


Автоспорт. Формула-1. Огляд минулих гонок.


Теніс. Вімблдон. Юле Німаєр (Німеччина) - Еліна Світоліна (Україна).

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Setanta Sports HD

They love sports all over the world. Fans choose their team to follow its game, ups and downs, worry and rejoice at the same time. Nothing beats the feeling when you can personally be present at a match or competition and watch everything from the stands. If this is not possible, then Setanta Sports online is an alternative. This channel is the largest provider of sports broadcasts from Ireland. Office is based in Dublin. It is here that viewers can feel, with the highest degree of reality, how the competition is going. Everything will get into the frame. Not a single moment will pass by and will be covered by correspondents.

Created by

Setanta Sports online is a relatively young channel that is ready to seriously compete with world broadcasters. It was created in 1990 in Ireland. Later he began to broadcast in countries such as Australia, Canada, Asia, Africa, UK, USA. Now the Ukrainian population is also actively watching the programs, which uses gadgets and TV subscriptions from our company.

Thanks to the successful development, it is possible to watch "Setanta Sport" in Russian. Broadcasting began in 2012. Since 2020, operational activity continues only in Ukraine, Russia and the CIS.

Everything changes over time, so the company has undergone some changes. From 2009 to the present, Setanta Sports Channel Ireland Limited is jointly owned by the investments Gaiety, which owns 60 percent of all shares, and Danu, which owns 40%.

The most influential shareholders of the company are Dana Michael O'Rourke, Leonard Ryan and Mark O'Meare. Danu's enormous influence on the development of the channel can be noted. He understood that sports would be interesting to the population, so he hurried to buy all the shares on the channel in North America. In Ireland, however, the business for "Setant" went higher. It was difficult to settle in the UK, but this did not prevent the company from staying afloat so far in other countries.

What you can watch on the channel:

  • football;
  • boxing;
  • rugby;
  • handball;
  • Gaelic and classic football;
  • curling;
  • cricket etc.

You cannot watch Setanta Sport in the UK. At first, two channels, Setanta Golf and Setanta Sports News, broadcast there, but in 2009 the contract ended, and no one began to renew it. Television channels, which were also in cooperation with Virgin Media, also ceased to exist. These include Arsenal TV, Celtic TV, LFC TV, and Rangers TV.

Which channels are no longer going out:

  • Setanta Golf и Setanta Sports News. Просто закончился контракт;
  • Setanta Sports USA. Заменили на более рейтинговый Fox Soccer Plus;
  • Setanta Sports Canada. Заменен на Sportsnet World;
  • Ireland. Переделан в Eir Sport 1;
  • Sports 2 – в Eir Sport 2;
  • Setanta Sports Africa – в ESPN Africa.

TV channel Setanta Sports+ HD created so that the viewer can watch the top broadcasts from the world of sports around the clock. You won't miss a thing if you buy a sports news subscription.

Approximate program for the day:

  • League 1. Round 5 review;
  • Football. Lorient - Lille. League 1;
  • Football. Video Content. Serie A;
  • Milan - Lazio. Serie A;
  • La Liga. Round 4 review;
  • Video Content. Serie A.

The channel has a lot of content about football, so it will be interesting for fans to follow everything that happens here.

How the channel appeared

The first launch took place in Ireland in 1990, and ten years later it became available to other countries. This event influenced the development of sports television. Setanta Sports has become the most successful international columnist. In Ukraine, the channel began its work in August 2019. Setanta Sport broadcast football, hockey and basketball matches, and viewers could see comments in Russian and Ukrainian on the screens.

Setanta Sports Online shows over 1000 events per year.

Most Popular:

  • English Premier League news;
  • FA Cup and League;
  • for Scottish League fans access to all matches;
  • NBA and NHL;
  • Wimbledon etc.

In addition to the live broadcasts themselves, you can watch programs dedicated to sports around the world. Experts are invited to the program who are ready to share their opinions with the audience.


  • Yuri Kirichenko. Statistics Manager of the International Ice Hockey Federation. Works for Setanta Sport, commenting on basketball, hockey and football games;
  • Alexander Yaremenko. Covers football and NBA matches;
  • Dmitry Dzhulay. Three times recognized as "The best commentator of Ukraine". Most often he comments on matches of football championships in England, Spain, Brazil.

The Setanta Sports Program is a 24/7 screening of the world's top sports events. Experts gather in studios to talk to guests about the ups and downs of their favorite teams. To watch programs online, you should subscribe to our company's service package.


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