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About the channel

Nadezhda is the first Ukrainian television channel that broadcasts programs on Christian themes. First aired in 2008, and since 2013 it has been broadcasting around the clock. It is characterized by a variety of programs of its own production on various topics. Live broadcasts in 20 other countries with translation into six languages.

Features of the Hope channel

The main feature of the channel is the presence of sign language for the most popular programs. Distributed throughout Ukraine and broadcasts in most cable networks, through a mobile application, on the site Sweet.TV. Also, some programs can be found on the official website. Included in the global Hope Channel network, with 43 channels worldwide.

Nadezhda TV channel creates high-quality positive and informational content for children, adolescents, young people, therefore it covers a fairly wide audience of viewers. The main goal is to create a quality, relevant and morally clean product.

There is no advertising, politics, or violence. Christian TV program consists of original Ukrainian content. Since 2015, the Nadezhda channel has been part of the media group of the same name, including the Ukrainian radio, school and contact center, which has significantly increased the number of viewers.

What content does Hope broadcast online?

Among the main television programs, which are broadcast on this channel, their own biblical, motivational and family programs are distinguished. They go live and are particularly popular among viewers. The program also includes such topics: health, outdoor activities, the history of Ukraine and the world, Bible study, music, spiritual development, positive news, documentaries, news programs.

Hope online: the most popular programs

Most of the content on the channel is occupied by scientific and educational and entertaining programs for different age categories and social groups of the population, created taking into account the Ukrainian culture and the needs of the modern viewer. The most popular among them are:

  • News of Hope;
  • 5 minutes for a break;
  • Morning of Hope;
  • There is a problem;
  • Happy Saturday;
  • Second wind with Sergey Stepanyuk;
  • Pray for me;
  • The other side;
  • No complex texts;
  • Question to the doctor;
  • The Bible continues to speak;
  • Coconut.

Also, the channel broadcasts services in live broadcast in good quality.

Why is it worth watching Hope online at Sweet.TV?

In the modern world, it’s very difficult to set aside time to watch TV. In order not to worry about the next pass of your favorite show or a new series of the series, register on the site Sweet.TV. Here you can watch Nadezhda or any other channel of Ukraine on any device.

The main advantages of our service are:

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If you miss the next program release or series, just rewind to the desired time on the channel. Enjoy a positive pastime wherever you are. Easily watch films or other projects on the road, at work or in the country.