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About the channel

Channel Nat Geo Wild HD is known around the world and won the love and trust of viewers in many countries. Not surprisingly, he was the one who worked closely with the National Geographic Society. Each viewer can see in the television program fascinating documentary films that will introduce you to the world of wildlife, the life of animals living both on land and under water, the features of natural phenomena.

High quality live broadcast, realistic programs, exciting stories and vital knowledge is far from a complete list of content on Nat Geo Wild HD.

Who will be interested in the Nat Geo Wild HD channel?

Programs that you can watch on Nat Geo Wild HD online are suitable for children, teens and adults. Each viewer will find interesting facts, informative information, and also get the opportunity to enjoy the beauties of nature in remote continents.

Toddlers will like the picture in the first place: changing landscapes, familiar animals, performing actions on the operator’s camera. Older children will find it useful to first-hand the presenter to find out relevant information on natural phenomena, the behavior of fauna representatives, and the environmental situation on planet Earth.

Adults will not have to be bored either. Watch Nat Geo Wild HD online without leaving your home at the unique inhabitants of the reserves, study the effects of natural disasters or dive into the causes of global changes taking place around.

Broadcasts on Nat Geo Wild HD

All programs that are broadcast on Nat Geo Wild HD online are divided into three groups:

  • wildlife world;
  • features of natural phenomena and disasters;
  • Ecological problems of the Earth.

Also on the air there are reality shows. They are of a popular scientific nature and talk about the work of veterinarians and other people associated with animals or nature. It is worth noting that most of the filming for the installation of programs is due to the use of robotics, which does not harm our smaller brothers at all, does not scare them and does not violate the natural habitat.

Wildlife programming cycles show animal behavior in real time and situations. You can see with your own eyes the process of hunting, finding a partner for mating, preparing for bed and much more. At Nat Geo Wild HD, much attention is paid to the topic of destructive natural phenomena, such as tornadoes, volcanoes, floods. This is done in order to draw the viewer's attention to global issues.

What gives Sweet.tv connection?

To be able to watch Nat Geo Wild HD online, as well as other channels in high quality, the best solution is to connect Sweet.tv. You don’t need to call the wizard, pull the cables or mount the antenna on the roof. It is enough to have an Internet connection and a desire to get unlimited access to the broadcasts. An additional advantage of Nat Geo Wild HD, like other channels, you can not only watch online, but also pause the broadcast, rewind or turn on your favorite program.