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Who doesn't love sports? Many men and women prefer to spend their free time watching sports. When news leaked to the media that the Eurosport 2 HD channel had been sold to the American company Discovery Communications, viewers began to worry about what this could mean. The new owner decided to change the logo and slogan. The latter began to sound like "Fire up your passion" and "You will understand me if you share my passion." The slogan was not received as badly as the logo. The fact is that over the years, viewers have become accustomed to watching the channel's branded icon, which has always flaunted in the upper right corner. The new one looked unusual. In fact, the channel's icon has already changed in the more than thirty-year history of Eurosport 2 HD, but then the update looked less revolutionary.

Beginning of the story

It all started back in 1989. The European Broadcasting Union has come to the conclusion that it is necessary to create a special sports channel, because all the content they buy cannot be broadcast in the old format. At the very beginning, they created the Eurosport consortium, and a little later the channel that is now known all over the world was formed.


The history of the logo did not change until 1994. The first creators of the TV channel came up with the idea of ​​making the Eurosport 2 HD logo, associated with the countries covered by the channel. This is how the symbols of the EU were thought out, where 12 blue stars walked in a circle, and inside them was the channel's inscription. Eurosport 1 HD also has this badge. The channel was launched in this design in 1989, and nothing changed until the mid-nineties. It was in this recognizable form that local providers began to show it immediately after the collapse of the USSR. An inexperienced viewer was ready to watch any Western show, even in poor quality. More often than not, this is what happened. The signal was weak, the sound was not so clear, but Eurosport 2 was still a favorite of many.

Channel Features

On 5 February 2019, Eurosport 2 HD celebrated 30 years of launch and first transmission. Today the channel is the hub of the Olympic Games in Europe, where it delivered the best possible broadcast of the 2018 PyeongChang Games, honoring awards, providing record-breaking linear and digital audiences for localized Eurosport services.

The channel also devotes a lot of time to broadcasts:

  • tennis;
  • all kinds of winter games;
  • cycling.

During the first month of broadcasting, the channel broadcast live key sporting events such as the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships, World Snooker Championships, Bobsleigh Championships and European Figure Skating Championships.

Eurosport.com, a bespoke pan-European digital website launched in 1999, offers sports fans the latest news, reviews and results, as well as live coverage and highlights from key events around the world. Designed for daily use by sports fans, it continues to evolve to become Europe's largest online sports hub.

Further development of the sports channel

On January 10, 2005, Eurosport launched Eurosport 2 HD, an additional channel for live events.

Here you can see:

  • handball;
  • surfing;
  • volleyball;
  • basketball;
  • football, etc.

The channel is designed to complement the existing one and offer a wider choice of sports fans, while reaching a younger audience. The offer was available in 30+ countries around the world. Broadcasting was in English, Polish, Turkish and Greek.

The genre of the channels itself has not changed. The only thing that happened in 2007 was the release of a division where popular international sporting events began to be promoted. Since its inception, Eurosport Events has participated in key global motorsport series such as the FIA ​​World Racing Car Championship, the European Rally Championship and the FIM World Endurance Championship. Eurosport Events also works with equestrian partners.

Eurosport Player was launched in 2008 and offered Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 HD to watch online.

Major update

In the spring, or rather in May 2014, Discovery Communications made a statement that the Eurosport stake had been successfully bought up. She was the first American company to launch channels in Europe (in 1989). For 25 years, she has made a steady and significant investment in her international business. Discovery and Eurosport now have the right to broadcast the Olympic Games in Europe.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced that all rights to televise and multi-platform broadcasts in Europe for the four Olympic Games between 2018-2024 have been transferred to Discovery Communications, Eurosport's parent company. The announcement kicked off a long-term partnership between the world's largest sporting event, the Olympic Games, and the world's leading media company, Discovery Communications.

The beginning was laid in 2018. Discovery and Eurosport have made good on their commitment to bringing more people to more screens than ever before across Europe. Viewers appreciated Discovery's innovative Olympics products in record numbers, including the most immersive lighting, minute-to-minute digital live coverage, and top experts analyzing action in the first Olympic AR studio, Eurosport Cube. Approximately 58% of the population watched free and pay TV in Discovery's ten leading European markets, on their own channels and on partner broadcasters, while achieving a record TV audience share of more than 90% in Sweden and Norway. A record 76 million users have played online, on social media and through the integrated Eurosport app. Xsport HD cannot boast of such numbers, although the channel is also quite popular.

In 2020, Discovery announced the launch of Discovery + with an unrivaled, premium and locally relevant Europort multisport offering with subscription service. Today Eurosport proudly calls itself the number one sports destination in Europe, with two channels now reaching 246 million subscribers in 75 countries in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East, and Eurosport.com is positioned as the number 1 online portal in Europe, a sports news site with an average of 30 million unique monthly users.

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