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About the channel

Channel OTB Galicia has a long history. It appeared in late 1991, and since 2017, one of the first in Western Ukraine switched to satellite broadcasting and a modern format. You can watch OTG Galichin around the clock: the broadcast is filled with television programs that will be of interest to the viewer.

Features of the OTB Galichina TV channel

The main feature is the broadcast of the broadcast in Ukrainian: media content is 100% Ukrainian-language. OTB Galichina TV channel presents live cultural and spiritual events, entertainment programs. These are mainly events taking place in the settlements of Western Ukraine.

The best way to start the morning is with the OTB Galichina channel: here for many years there has been an entertainment program called “Punok-Pank”, in which:

  • tell travel stories;
  • care about the health of the audience;
  • show cartoons for children;
  • help prepare various national dishes;
  • invite famous guests.

Every day OTB Galichina demonstrates the program "Vulitsa", which tells about the picturesque corners of the Carpathians, cities and villages of Ukraine. The program “Cinnamon nobility” is published weekly: it speaks of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, comfort in the house. The channel also does not forget about the athletes in the weekly Time Out program.

The staff of the TV channel employs specialists who publish copyright programs. Among them:

  • For fіlіzhanka Kavi - weekly meetings with writers, scientists, singers, composers and ordinary people who care about the fate of Ukraine;
  • Shlyah to Є Europe - information on international events and projects in the region;
  • Ancient tree, Gospodar, Vsuperech zabuttyut - historical programs;
  • Світлиця надії - the author’s program on cultural values.

Throughout the day, news releases informing about the main events in the region, country and the world. Real professionals with vast experience work on each story, so the evening release allows you to always keep abreast.

How to watch OTB Galichina TV channel?

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