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About the channel

Televsesvіt - Ukrainian TV channel for all categories of the population. Here are TV shows and TV shows for adults and children. Televsesvіt Channel seeks to open the world to Ukraine and Ukraine to the world.

Features of the channel Televsesvіt

Televsesvіt is focused on a modern family. The main tasks are entertainment and information, the majority of television programs are live broadcasts. In particular, this applies to television shows. This feature is achieved due to modern technical equipment and layout of the studios, which allow you to switch from one program to another in the shortest possible time. For example, a morning entertainment program in a few seconds becomes a live news release.

Televsesvіt channel devotes enough time to the younger generation. For example, for young viewers regularly broadcast programs with cartoons, there is a children's hit parade with your favorite songs. Children especially like to watch Televsesvit on weekends when the air is full of cartoons.

Among the most popular programs for adults it is worth noting:

  • Oglyat svitovih podii - information releases of the latest news in the country and the world;
  • Vysnovki - an analytical program with expert opinions;
  • Ukranianske kino - TV show about the latest in domestic cinema;
  • Voice of America - news from American colleagues;
  • 11 hvilin z ... - socio-political show;
  • Феєрія мандрів - series of copyrighted travel programs;
  • Fatherland gladden - tips for young parents;
  • Stand-Up - a humorous show;
  • TV-Start - music program;
  • FM-TV is a hit parade of contemporary performers.

Thus, Televsesvit online will be of interest to every member of the family. The above programs are very popular: the channel’s products are also bought by other Ukrainian companies for broadcasting live. On the evening air of the TV channel Televsesvіt - modern and old films of domestic and foreign production. Also often in the evenings are fascinating detective and other series. For those who did not have time to watch a movie on the evening air, it is repeated in the morning.

How to watch Televsesvіt channel in Ukraine?

Televsesvіt channel can be watched online by anyone who uses the services of the Sweet.tv service. For several years now it has been broadcast in good quality, which will be appreciated by the owners of modern TV models. Televsesvit online is in all tariffs, of which there are three:

  • tariff S - access to 170 channels and 3 thousand films;
  • tariff M - 243 channels and 5 thousand films;
  • tariff L - 267 channels, more than 6.5 thousand films and cult TV shows.

Just select one of the tariffs, test for free for a week and connect to high-quality television. Each package has several dozens of channels in HDTV and 4K formats.

Users of the service receive a lot of additional benefits, including a TV program, the ability to watch broadcasts in recordings, access from any devices, films without advertising. Sweet.tv will prove that modern television is not only ad units, but also high-quality content for every taste.