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Star Cinema channel

Star Cinema HD is an ideal channel with films and TV shows for lovers of Ukrainian cinema. The channel is relatively young: the National Council of Ukraine licensed only in 2016. All films and TV shows from StarMedia, which has become an excellent example of a successful collaboration of Ukrainian and Russian film companies, are openly accessible on this site.

Star Cinema HD Channel Features

Star Cinema HD publishes in-house products. Representatives argue that the idea was not spontaneous and hatched for several years. Open broadcasting in Ukraine was also a reasonable decision. This is not a premiere television channel, that is, there will not be exclusively fresh news here. On the contrary, viewers will see already liked old films that they would like to review again.

The creators of the channel claim that their audience is men and women over 25 years old. But if there are 18 and you love Ukrainian melodramas, turning on the air will also be a great idea.

Large volumes of interesting content have been prepared for Ukrainian viewers. Many films and TV shows were shot on the territory of Ukraine, and cinema fans will be interested to see their hometown or enjoy the beauties of sights. On Star Cinema HD online you can watch interesting series and programs that have won the love of a millionth audience. There are also projects that are related to the history of Ukraine, its mentality: «1812», «The Legend of the Baptism of Russia», «History of Ukraine».

In total, the timing of films and TV shows for Star Cinema HD has accumulated about 5000 hours. Therefore, it will definitely not be boring, because the project will take care of this. The library is based on the best films of the company. The organizers include such work here:

  • Anna German (2012, drama);
  • Women in love (2015, melodrama);
  • Shuler (2013, crime drama);
  • Photo on documents (2013, melodrama);
  • Grass in the Snow (2010, melodrama).

The Star Cinema HD channel offers viewers good-quality content that is full of emotions: joy, sadness, sadness, and most often a happy ending. Perhaps many works did not bring something new to the cinema, but they will help brighten up the evening in a pleasant company.

Where can I find the Star Cinema HD channel online?

Watch Star Cinema HD at the special service Sweet.tv. This is really convenient, because when viewing, you do not need to adapt to the specific time that is set by the TV program.

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