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The Animal Planet HD channel is very popular. Its name is translated into Russian as the Animal Planet and fully reflects the main content that is broadcast to the viewer. Thanks to watching this channel, one can see the world’s unique wildlife, animal life, especially the interaction of humans with flora and fauna without leaving the house. On the air you will find films, programs, documentaries dedicated to the characteristics of the inhabitants of remote continents and countries.

Animal Planet HD Channel History

Today Animal Planet HD has the status of a subsidiary channel popular on the American TV Discovery Channel. The first broadcast of the Animal Planet was conducted back in 1996, and after the acquisition of advertising packages it has changed significantly. Along with the quality of the television program, the clarity of the picture also increased. Since the spring of 2014, every viewer can watch Animal Planet HD in 16: 9 broadcast format.

Initially, the programs and programs were generalized, equally perceived by adults and children. But in 2008, a meeting was held at which it was decided to change the focus of the Animal Planet HD channel and add new programs that older people would like, brought new knowledge and benefits. So, broadcast on TV shows and programs have become more spectacular, realistic, scientific and instructive.

Popular programs and their features

Since the broadcast format has been changed, programs such as:

have been added to the program
  • Houston Police;
  • The funniest animals of the planet;
  • Mammal life;
  • Police dogs;
  • Whale Wars.

This direct approach, which allows you to enjoy the beauties of nature and the peculiarities of local inhabitants on Animal Planet HD online, has attracted the attention of a large audience. The shows are interesting not only for those who like to watch smaller brothers, but also for spectators who are interested in flora and fauna from a scientific point of view.

In addition to a vivid and rich picture showing the nature of Africa, America or Australia, on Animal Planet HD you can get acquainted with the life of mammals, wild animals, birds, fish that inhabit the ocean, reptiles living on remote continents.

Transmission cycles detailing the existence of lions, cheetahs, elephants that live in national parks or wildlife are very popular. Indeed, few people know the true facts about their diet, the method of hunting, rest, choosing a partner for mating, breeding and other aspects.

On Animal Planet HD, adults and children can watch animals online, enjoying not only the picture, but also the cognitive stories. Most of the broadcasts are carried out with a share of humor. The presenters not only comment on the situations and behavior of representatives of the fauna, but also complement the story with jokes, interesting facts, and exciting details.

Benefits of Sweet.tv

To be able to watch Animal Planet HD online today and join the interactive television, you don’t have to call a wizard, stretch new cables, set up a satellite dish or set-top box for a long time. Everything will happen in real time.

By connecting to Sweet.tv, each user receives not only high image quality, but also the ability to pause at any time, watch any broadcasts of Animal Planet HD or another channel after broadcast. Simultaneous broadcasting of TV on several devices of a TV, tablet or mobile phone is also available.

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