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Channel 5

Channel 5 - a national television channel of Ukraine with an informational focus. The hallmark was the hourly news releases, live broadcasts and programs with invited guests. Broadcasting is conducted in Ukrainian, the content is designed for an adult audience. Created to British Public Broadcasting Company standards, adheres to European principles in the presentation of material.

Channel 5: TV features

Channel 5 was founded in 2003 on the basis of the regional shopping mall Express-Inform and NBM. The origins of the creation were independent Ukrainian journalists. Roman Skrypin, Andrey Shevchenko and Yegor Glebovitsky were the first to sign a contract on the non-interference of the channel’s owners in the editorial policy. This is the first example of such a contract in Ukraine. The owner of the channel is Petro Poroshenko.

Channel 5 broadcasts information and socio-political programs, talk shows. There are no entertainment and music programs, feature films or TV shows on the air. Broadcasting of independent broadcasts and coverage of different points of view attracted a thinking audience capable of independently analyzing information. The programs were especially successful:

  • News Time;
  • special look;
  • Information Day;
  • Rendezvous;
  • The time machine.

Channel 5 devotes programs to Ukrainian and world news. The air is dominated by information and analytical shows and discussion platforms. The guests of the studio are key personalities of our time, well-known politicians, experts. An updated news release is released every hour, a running line is broadcasted, in which current news are briefly reported.

The broadcast is around the clock, the main shows can always be seen in the replay in good quality. Channel 5 supports the official website and social media pages.

One of the popular presenters of the Fifth is Ioannina Sokolova. She started as the host of “Morning with the Fifth”, then led the program “Cinema” and “Rendezvous”, which contributed to the rating. Today, Yana Konotop, Igor Tatarchuk, Roman Chaika, Oleg Krishtopa are leading news and copyright projects.

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