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About the channel

The only television channel in Ukrainian history that devotes all the time to the world of cars, the first automobile HD. It was created in 2008 for satellite television.

Features of the channel First car HD

After the launch, the channel fell into the lists of all cable providers in Ukraine, and this is more than 400 networks divided by regions. He is also a member of the auto center media group. During its existence, the channel received the Media Sat Leaders Award in 2009 and 2010. Nomination in which he became famous, Original TV project.

The first car HD is easy to recognize by the icon with the number 1 on a red background. It is distinguished by many unique programs that were found or developed specifically for the Ukrainian audience.

Channel One HD Car: Main Audience

The total number of viewers on the First Automotive HD channel is about 9 million. As for age, these are people from 16 to 65 years old. According to surveys and research of the channel itself, viewers are interested in automotive content that belongs to their own production. But the shows of other countries are also popular: Germany, Great Britain and the United States.

Both informative and entertaining programs, auto tests, reports from presentations of new products from the automotive world are broadcast. Popular programs about services, tips from car market experts, news releases and reviews.

The most popular shows on First Car HD

Sometimes documentaries or feature films are shown here that are related to machines, their creation and history. Among the content offered to viewers, the following programs have the highest rating:

  • First test, Auto on demand, Minus 1, Premium technologies, Crew (own production);
  • Racing without secrets, Double test (television cycle from other countries);
  • author's reports about the events of the auto world in Ukraine;
  • broadcast of motorcycle and auto events, competitions around the world.

So, our own project «The first test» is a classic test drive of the most different cars of world production. He appeared on Ukrainian television as one of the first, and today he does not have a sufficiently strong competitor.

«Auto on demand» consumer analysis of cars, three people check the most interesting auto models. Each issue of the program selects completely different people whose points of view will be the most objective opinion.

«Minus 1» project show, which is released on the YouTube platform. This is a set of funny or ridiculous videos from the Internet with comments from the host. «The crew» is a program that describes the news of the automotive world, giving an unusual assessment and conducting an original test drive.

Benefits of Sweet.tv

You can watch the first car HD online on the Sweet.tv platform. The service is an online platform that contains more than six thousand interesting films, series, cartoons. Five thousand of them are in excellent Full HD quality. Among the main advantages of Sweet.tv:

  • the first seven days of use are free;
  • different tariffs with good conditions;
  • TV access;
  • the ability to connect five devices to a single contract;
  • a lot of interesting TV channels, individual films, live broadcasts.

Watch the first car HD online with this application will be much easier and more convenient.