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Kolomiya NTK HD

Kolomiya NTK is a regional television channel of the television and radio company «Nove Telebachennya Krai «, which broadcasts in Kolomyia and the nearest region. Has been working in the information space of Carpathian since 2002. And since that time it has gained great popularity among the audience. It is the only TV channel in Kolomyia and the region. Director — Demyanjuk Vasily Mikhailovich, who heads the company since its inception. Every day, the channel offers many interesting stories about the main events of the region and the country.

Colomia NTK Online Channel: Main Audience

According to recent sociological studies, this channel has a constant audience, which is happy to follow the news of the region, watching congratulations and other programs. The potential number of target viewers is about 150 thousand people. Moreover, they all fall into different age categories. This is all explained by the program concept of the channel, because here everyone will find programs to their taste.

Colony NTK: what content is broadcast?

The basis of the channel’s live broadcast is its own production programs on relevant, analytical topics. In the TV program you will see programs for adults and children: entertaining, informational, educational. Many of the author’s projects of the channel’s journalists received diplomas in various competitions. Every day, viewers get a unique opportunity to be the first to know about the most interesting and important events of Kolomyia and the region.

Top rated programs, talk shows, and shows

Today, the channel’s network contains daily news releases, live broadcasts with public and famous people, as well as more than 10 author talk shows on various topics (from entertaining to serious). The most popular among them are:

  • «The city of Kola, the heritage of the ancestors» — journalist Vasily Nagorny tells an interesting and unique history of the city, acquaints viewers with the main cultural, historical and architectural monuments of Kolomyia;
  • «Red Russia horseshoe golden» — author and host Vasily Nagorny helps to learn more about the most famous monuments of Western Ukraine;
  • «Kolomyia realities» — journalist Nadezhda Niplyukhina analyzes the most pressing problems of the city;
  • «Palette» — Maryana Matskiv and Julia Struck introduce viewers to the creative people of the region (poets, writers, artists and musicians);
  • «Health formula» — learn all about your health and learn how to maintain it at the proper level with Tatyana Bugrak;
  • «Love yourself» — one of the most popular programs among the female population of Kolomyia, because in it Ksenia Garashchuk tells how to preserve her beauty.

Also, small projects go live: «Musical surprise «, «Weather «, «Events « and «Events of the week «.

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