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TET channel

TET is a nationwide television channel in Ukraine that specializes in entertainment and information content. It covers 92% of the country's territory, broadcasts round-the-clock in Ukrainian and Russian. Included in the media group 1+1. The television program is dominated by humorous and reality shows, animated series and TV shows, as well as sports broadcasts. There are no political programs on air.

TET Channel: Content Features

TET was founded in 1992 as the first Ukrainian private channel. Over time, it received regional status, and in 2003 it became nationwide. In 2009, he joined the conglomerate 1+1 Media. The TET channel is positioned as entertaining, so the main part of the broadcasting network is humorous shows, series, films, cartoons. The company does not have its own news service and political television broadcasts.

The most popular comedy shows produced by TET:

  • Kraina U;
  • Vitalka;
  • Tanka i Volodka;
  • Once once by Poltava.

Sitcoms, sketches and comedy series of the studio "Quarter 95" regularly go on the air of the channel. These are mainly sketches from life with the participation of Ukrainian comedians. The reality projects “Panyanka-Selyanka”, “4 weddings”, in which average spectators participate, became rating. The plot is based on the contrast between residents of Ukrainian villages and cities, between different social groups.

Entertainment shows "Durnev + 1", "Goddess of Shopping" and others also became the hallmark of the company due to its originality and modern format.

TET online is a broadcast of Ukrainian and foreign TV shows in high quality. Mostly on the channel there are dramas, melodramas and comedies with the participation of famous actors. Part of the content coincides with the 1 + 1 channel, so on the air you can see the series “Ostannyy Moskal”, “Burn by Drig” and other Ukrainian-made projects. The Turkish series “Little Secrets” was also broadcast, the Russian - “Kitchen” and others.

For children, popular foreign animated series are translated into Ukrainian: "Luntik", "Garfield Show", "Fixies", "Winx", "Sponge Bob" and others, as well as full-length cartoons for family viewing. A detailed TET online TV program is available on the official website.

How to watch TET channel online?

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