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UHD (4К) channels

Modern TV is in the process of constantly improving image quality with the help of new technologies. At the moment, the highest perfection is UHF - ultra-high definition television of two digital standards: 4K and 8K. In order to watch Ultra HD in Ukraine, some technical manipulations are necessary:

- The most ideal option - a special TV with HDR support and a large screen, a 4K UHDTV satellite receiver or a universal TV receiver, an HDMI 2.0 cable;
- prefix with support for IPTV or Android TV;
- 4K monitor (with HDR).

The fundamental difference between 4K TV channels and ordinary channels is the volume of the broadcast picture, the brightness and variety of its color, and the clarity of the image of the smallest details in a resolution of 4096 * 2160 pixels. Now there are already about 10 ultra HD channels:

- Fireplace - you can look at fire forever.
- Ultra 4K Extreme - the extreme zone - from broadcasting the world championships in Cliffdiving, airsliding, Сrashed Ice speed skating, rally-cross to crazy Urbex shows. To better understand the psychology of people with increased adrenaline in the blood, it is enough to watch the program “Visiting Max” - this is a discussion of the leading and invited guest - a lover of thrills. There are no forbidden topics: injuries, frauds, dangers, news and obstacles to the development of extreme sports in the world. SOS - wean the viewer from comfortable tourism; a list of projects tickling nerves is complemented by documentaries and feature films with the same theme;
- Insight UHD - the TV channel of the European company TERN, the broadcast format of which has a resolution 4 times higher than usual. Its potential audience is youth. The content is filled with reality shows online, scientific and journalistic programs, interactive projects, extreme tourism and sports;
- # OUR music 4K is a Ukrainian music songwriter that constantly broadcasts domestic premieres of clips of local stars, as well as a weekly top ten of the best works.

So far, only digital TV subscribers can receive new sensations from watching their favorite programs and films in high quality. The good news is that SWEET TV can organize connection to a package of new fantastic channels in 1 minute, and for the first 7 days to watch ultra HD - for free, then another month - for 1 hryvnia, and only then the viewer selects a tariff plan, pays for it by connecting 5 carriers via the price of one. Moreover, every year more and more television channels are moving to new levels of broadcasting, and soon on Digital TV there will be new digital standards - 8K UHDTV. Subscribe to keep up with technological progress in television life, the format of which changes every year.