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OUR - Ukrainian information and political television channel, founded in 2018. It is part of a media platform, which also includes a website and pages on social networks. Founder - politician Evgeny Muraev. Broadcasting takes place in Ukrainian and Russian, the content is designed for an adult audience. The television program is dominated by socio-political programs and talk shows, news releases, news.

OUR TV channel: programs and key topics

Our channel began broadcasting on the basis of the Maxi-TV channel in 2007. Today it is a separate company that has official permission to broadcast in Ukraine. News television can also be heard in radio mode, news updates are released several times a day. Direct broadcasts from the place of events are regularly held, journalists are the first to broadcast the latest information and new stories.

Our online channel releases such programs:

  • Maximum;
  • Important;
  • Expertise;
  • 5 on 5;
  • An hour with Martirosyan.

The main television program consists of daily news releases - “Our morning”, “Our day”, “Our evening”. This is a source of information about the main events in the country. The morning issue comes out at 9 am, and the final evening release - at 21, according to the results of the past day. Journalists Anton Dovlatov, Rostislav Sukhachov, Tigran Martirosyan, Yaroslava Maslova and others broadcast on the NAS channel. Tigran Martirosyan, one of the main leaders of the media platform and former producer of NewsOne, conducts his own show.

The presenters analyze events and discuss important incidents with political experts, guests of the studio. Content of our own production brought OUR to the leaders of Ukrainian television. Author's shows - the most rated product on the air of the channel, which today is considered a priority. The live format, which involves the live broadcast of events from the studio, is also popular. Broadcasting is around the clock.

How to connect OUR channel in good quality?

Sweet.tv service will help to watch OUR programs online. This is a convenient way to access the entire channel package and movie library. To use the services of online TV, you need to download the application and register. By creating an account, you get the opportunity to watch movies and news on five devices at the same time. Good image quality, lack of advertising, excellent sound that allows you to clearly hear every word is only part of the benefits of Sweet TV.

An additional advantage will be the ability to use the free test mode in the first 7 days after registration. The next month, the service is connected for only 1 hryvnia. In the future, you will choose the appropriate tariff plan to enjoy the original content in good quality. Legendary films, favorite TV shows and top programs will be available online for viewing anywhere and anytime. Connect to Sweet.tv and watch over 200 TV channels.