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About the channel

Eko TV — is the first Ukrainian TV channel that is fully devoted to environmental issues in the world and our country. It is a completely unique project of educational, entertaining and information-analytical television. In 2010, he received the title of the best educational television channel according to«Media Sat Leaders». The Eko TV channel sets important goals: to highlight the rules of human security in different areas of life, to show the ecological situation on Earth, to offer new interesting information on history, finances, culture, technology, economics, science, and also to tell about the life of famous people who fighting for the ecology of the planet.

Eko TV: main audience

The television channel broadcasts around the clock, offers a huge number of interesting information and educational programs, both of its own production and other well-known channels from around the world. That is why his audience is quite wide and includes both young people and retirees, women, men and children. Broadcasting is only in Ukrainian.

Eko TV channel: what content is broadcast?

The live channel consists of more than 30 programs of your own production, which will help you better know the world around you, your own planet, space and other people. The television program is also based on the best projects of world-famous channels: Animal Planet, Discovery Civilization, Travel Channel, Discovery Science National Geographic. Each program on this channel attracts with its topics about the environmental situation in the world, gives new information about the species that inhabit the planet, and also helps to spend your free time usefully.

Most popular programs and shows

The channel offers to enjoy watching the following projects:

  • «Eco News» — the latest news in the world of ecology, technology and science;
  • «Know» — the children’s program, where in an accessible form they talk about planet Earth, nature, space and other important topics;
  • «Life is beautiful» — Olga Malakhova talks about the most important and unusual discoveries in the world, about famous events, invites you to plunge into the world of history and the different peoples that live on Earth;
  • «Eco patrol» — copyright investigations about the most important events, shocking facts about which business or government is silent;
  • «Ecology of construction» — helps not to get lost in the world of construction and environmental materials;
  • «Expo News» — immerse yourself in the world of exhibitions, museums and presentations;
  • «The Empire of Taste» — find out where Japanese sushi is best prepared and where you can try real Italian pizza;
  • «The Anatomy of Passion» — program about how men and women differ, as well as what unites them;
  • «Extreme Style» — learn how to choose equipment for extreme sports;
  • «Health of the nation» — learn the most advanced technologies and methods for treating a variety of diseases in order to protect the most important thing in the life of every person;
  • «Education Plus» — is the best program for applicants and students who want to enter Ukrainian universities.

Eko TV on the Sweet.TV service

Eco TV, like any other channel in Ukraine, can be watched online on the Sweet.TV service on various devices on the road, on a business trip, outdoors or at work. You can quickly register using your mobile phone number. Create your profile and use it on five different devices, wherever you are. On the site you will find comfortable tariff plans, so each client can choose the ideal option for themselves. There is also a large library of films for every taste in high HD quality.