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Lale HD

Lale HD (the correct pronunciation for la: le) is the first Crimean Tatar children's entertainment channel, which began to broadcast live cartoons and programs. The logo of the TV channel on TV was a schematically depicted tulip, because Lale HD translates that way. For the first time, viewers could see Lale content in 2013.

Who is Lale HD interested in?

The main goal pursued by the creators of Lale HD, the formation of spiritual values, love and respect for local culture among the audience, the study of the native language and history of the peoples living in the territory of Crimea. Therefore, the viewers of the TV channel are both kids who like a bright picture and animation, as well as teenagers who are interested in the cultural and educational component.

Even adults appreciated the Lale HD channel and highlighted the clarity of the picture, interesting and entertaining content, the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the program guide in advance, the adaptation of cartoons for different ages of children.

Overview of cartoons and programs on Lale HD

On Lale HD you can watch online both entertainment and educational programs. Thanks to interesting releases, children will be:

  • learn the basic rules of cooking, observe all stages of cooking certain dishes;
  • learn more about history and culture, where information is presented in a simple and accessible language;
  • learn needlework and do-it-yourself crafts from stationery and household items;
  • see how handicrafts are made and how important such items are for cultural heritage;
  • listen to religious instructional courses and become familiar with the laws of Islam.

The most popular programs on Lale HD are such programs as «Ach oldym», «Balchokrak», «Ne bar nek», «Kunes nurlary».

Regardless of the age of the kids, the program of «Islam for children» on Lale HD will be interesting for everyone to watch online. After all, it is there that they tell about the origin of religion, its distribution in the territories. The host girl, dressed in a national costume, will talk about the need for prayer, and also read aloud some of them. It is important that the child quickly memorizes the main lines and can start independent communication with Allah.

Often experts are invited to the studio who explain in more detail in which situations one or another prayer should be applied, what they give and how to do it exactly.

Watching Lale HD is for kids who want to learn how to help parents. The transfer of «Ah Oldm» is an analogue of cooking classes, where, accompanied by adults, the kids learn to cook simple but tasty dishes.

Each series tells you what products to take, how to properly hold the knife while cutting, which will be useful in addition to the main ingredients. All this can be watched online and immediately repeated. Desserts, spaghetti, salads, national dishes, scrambled eggs will become even tastier if they are cooked with children's efforts and love.

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