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TRC Chornomorska

Broadcasting Company Black Sea or Black Sea Broadcasting Company (Chornomorsk) begins its history in December 1993. Until 2014, the canal covered almost the entire territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. It was the largest non-state television company in this region. After 2014, the main office is located in Kiev, since the occupation of Crimea by Russian invaders negatively affected the life of the company. The programs of this TV channel’s own production have more than once become winners of prestigious prizes and contests, both national and international. In 2000 and 2001, the Black Sea shopping mall became the best regional company.

Channel’s primary target audience

The broadcasting zones of this television channel — Simferopol, Simferopol district, Yevpatoriya, Yalta, Feodosiya, Dzhankoy. The coverage of the Black Sea Broadcasting Company — 4.9% of the total number of viewers in Ukraine, which is a pretty good result for the regional television and radio company. Basically, the audience consists of residents of the southern regions of the country. Due to the wide variety of programs and talk shows, the channel is popular among viewers of different ages.

Black Sea shopping mall online: what content is broadcast?

The live channel consists mainly of programs of its own production. Over the years, the company has managed to create more than 130 programs that help you monitor life in your city, region, country and world. The most common genres of programs on the TV channel are: journalistic, informational, children's, local history and cultural studies. In addition, every day there are three live news releases that describe the most important events.

The most popular programs and projects of the Black Sea shopping and entertainment complex

On this regional TV channel you can watch the following shows:

  • «Perhaps all» — the talk shows of journalist Alexander Yankovsky, which describes the experience of European reforms;
  • «Wave-plus» — is an information-analytical program that comes out every day after the news;
  • «Wave» — news releases about the most important events of the region and the country;
  • «From the scene» — a project that talks about the criminal events that took place in Crimea in a week;
  • «Peninsula» — major non-political news, once a week;
  • «Regions» — host and author of the project Nadezhda Buylova talks about all the regions of the Crimean peninsula;
  • «Aquapanorama» — travel with the authors of the underwater program and explore the amazing underwater world;
  • «Simferopol stories» — 17 programs of Leonid Pilunsky (famous Crimean writer), which reveals the history of the post-war peninsula;
  • «Morning» — telecast of an entertaining-musical character that goes every day (except weekends);
  • «Morning kaleidoscope» — weekend infotainment project.

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