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    Unian TV is a Ukrainian information channel that broadcasts programs mainly produced by 1 + 1 Media. In 2010, a test version was launched that featured news from the Ukrainian independent news news agency. Now it is a popular, diverse channel, the program of which is designed for the average resident of Ukraine. The channel Unian TV broadcasts the following programs:

    • movies and TV shows;
    • analytics;
    • sport;
    • news;
    • journalism.

    Unian TV online provides an opportunity for the viewer to find out the latest TSN news - they appear several times a day at a convenient time for all viewers. Particular attention is paid to the journalistic line of investigations that open up new, unexpected facts that can change the perception of certain things. The Unian TV channel launches popular programs with a high rating from the 1 + 1 media group, as well as shows football matches and other important sports events.

    Popular TV shows Unian TV

    Among the main television programs of this channel are the following:

    • TSN;
    • Revenge of nature;
    • JEDAI;
    • The X-Files;
    • Money;
    • Bummer UA;
    • Ukrainian sensations.

    The television news service will tell you everything that happened during the day, so you will always be up to date with current and important events. The Unian TV channel broadcasts online a 2 + 2 production project, Revenge of Nature, which reveals the details of natural disasters and cataclysms and identifies their causes. "JEDAI" talk about the road transport adventures that have occurred, and disassemble them at a professional level (with the advice of lawyers and other specialists).

    "The X-Files" are real journalistic investigations and the data under the heading "Top Secret." They dispel illusions about many relevant topics and famous personalities. Unian TV has another interesting special project “Money”, which reveals the causes of various economic, social and financial problems of the country. “Oblom UA” is an entertainment program that will help you to distract from worldly problems for a while and travel to a carefree reality full of funny jokes and humorous stories.

    "Ukrainian Sensations" is another serious broadcast, where the emphasis is on journalistic investigations and the disclosure of previously inaccessible materials that were carefully hidden. Watching Unian TV will be interesting to those who want to always be up to date with events, to know what is happening in Ukraine and in the world, and also like to understand complex and confusing situations, getting to the bottom of the truth.

    How to make Unian TV online available at home?

    You can watch live or record your favorite TV show in good quality at any convenient time using Sweet.tv. Connect to interactive television with advanced features such as remote viewing, home cinema, broadcast control, and the use of multiple devices. You can even take such a TV with you on the go, you only need access to the Internet. Sweet.tv offers favorable promotions and minimum tariffs for services. Take full advantage of modern technology.

    What to see on Unian TV HD?

    Unian TV in HD resolution offers its viewers a large selection of various video content. These are TSN news releases and information programs (including our own production), broadcasting of sports events, for example, football and basketball leagues of Ukraine, as well as documentaries.

    Where to watch the channel Unian TV HD?

    You can watch the TV channel in HD resolution on on the sweet.tv service website, for which it will be enough to pass authorization via SMS and select the conditions for using the test mode. Also, viewing is available on smartphones and Smart-set-top boxes. All you need to do is download and install the original application.

    How to watch Unian TV HD using Internet TV?

    To do this, you just need to go through authorization on the website or in the mobile application. You can download the original software from the official Google Play and App Store. New users can get a free free trial period for a week or choose the plan that suits them right away.

    What is the broadcasting theme of the Unian TV HD TV channel?

    Unian TV HD positions itself as a wide audience channel. The daily broadcasts various information programs, as well as cultural and entertainment journalistic programs. The channel periodically broadcasts UPL matches and documentaries.

    About the channel