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About the channel

Paramount Comedy is the Ukrainian version of the famous American channel, which appeared in 2017 thanks to the acquisition of the 1 + 1 Media license. The concept of the channel involves broadcasting a national product for 12 hours, the rest of the time is allocated to foreign programs. Paramount Comedy channel is an entertaining product, it shows everything that is funny and causes positive emotions. This TV channel broadcasts various series, comedies, and humorous programs.

Paramount Comedy online "speaks" Ukrainian, all the funny films and foreign content are translated into the national language. In 2018, a channel appeared on the channel that introduces visitors to the Paramount Comedy concept, offers an up-to-date TV program and shares the main news and significant events. The channel’s audience has no age restrictions and covers the average residents of Ukraine.

What programs does Paramount Comedy broadcast?

A large amount of ether is reserved for films and series, including: "Friends", "The Big Bang Theory", "South Park.

"Friends" is a legendary series that aired from 1994 to 2004 and has 236 episodes. He tells amazing and funny stories of six friends living in New York.

"The Big Bang Theory" was released in 2007, and ended in 2019, it talks about the interesting and sometimes paradoxical life of talented physicists who invent unthinkable things. "South Park" is an animated series produced in 1997 by the USA, which reveals and makes fun of the problems of modern society, culture and gives an alternative view of familiar things.

In addition to these and other TV shows, Paramount Comedy online shows the following entertainment shows:

  • Paramount is gimmicky;
  • Who wants to become a superhero;
  • Paramount Comedy. Personnel.

"Paramount Gnawfully" shares funny shots and stories that are sure to raise even the worst of moods. Modern humor, an original, easy format contribute to the rest and relaxation of the viewer.

"Who wants to become a superhero" is a fascinating reality show where participants who have passed a serious selection will be able to use their superpowers to the maximum, their main goal is to become famous and go down in the history of comics. Spectators will be interested in observing how each of the participants shows the qualities of the selected superheroes and cleverly gets out of difficult situations. The “frames” on Paramount Comedy online will show you unexpected but funny moments that will give you a good mood.

How to watch Paramount Comedy anytime?

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