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Channel 1+1


1+1 - the national television channel of Ukraine, which covers 95% of the country. Broadcasting is conducted in Ukrainian and Russian. The air consists of entertainment and information programs, television series and films. Among them are both original and foreign content. Channel 1+1 is designed for a wide audience, there are programs for children.

Popular shows on 1+1

1+1 has been operating as a television channel since 1997. The actual owners of the company for 2020 are Igor Kolomoisky and Igor Surkis. The general director is Alexander Tkachenko. In the TV program you will see both information programs and entertainment series. Films in good HD quality are also broadcast. At 1+1 you can watch online such popular programs:

  • TSN;
  • Snіdanok s 1+1;
  • Groshі;
  • Ukrainian sensational.

TSN Television News Service is broadcast daily. In each issue - information about events in the world, Ukraine and regions. Snіdanok s 1+1 comes out in the morning and combines several different genres. This is an interview with studio guests, news, interesting facts - the program is entertaining and informative in nature.

1+1 online is famous for its entertaining shows “Evening Quarter”, “Voice of the Country”, “Live Life”, “Dancing with the Stars”, “Laugh the Comedian”, “League of Laughter”. Most of them go on the air for more than one year, information on all seasons is provided on the official website. This is an exclusive content featuring well-known leading television channel.

Also, 1+1 online represents the series of its own production and popular foreign serial films. Some of them were broadcast in two languages ​​- Ukrainian and Russian. The most rated are the Ukrainian projects “School”, “Stolttya Yakov”, foreign projects “The Magnificent Century”, “Korolek - songbird”, “Chernobyl”, “Sherlock”. All episodes are now available on record. On the air there are animated series for children and films for family viewing.

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