Dynamic Ad Insertion and FAST monetisation on SWEET.TV

We have developed our own FAST & DAI solutions (Ad Insertion, Targeted Advertising, Addressable TV) that allow us to insert personalised ad units directly into the streaming broadcast. It helps our clients to deliver the most relevant advertising messages to their audience.

DSP solution

Our system includes our own DSP solution (Demand Side Platform), providing advertisers with a powerful tool to effectively manage and optimize their advertising campaigns.

Stitching Solution

With our stream stitching technology, we can seamlessly insert ad units directly into the main content, ensuring high quality playback and minimizing delays or interruptions.

Integration with external platforms

Google Ad Manager 360 and Video Stitcher API: These integrations provide advanced options for managing advertising campaigns, as well as optimizing the insertion of ads into the video stream.
Google IMA SDK: Used on all devices to implement Client Side advertising, providing additional flexibility and a wide range of advertising formats.

"" DSP is our in-house developed DSP (Demand Side Platform), created for the most effective management of advertising campaigns.

Ads management

Advertisers can independently upload videos, create ad campaigns, set budget limits, monitor their implementation in real time and much more.


Ad inserts are formed and served individually for each advertiser based on preset advertising campaign parameters. This solution ensures high targeting and relevance of the advertising message for each specific viewer.

Impression limits

You can set limits on the number of times an ad can be shown in a certain period of time, which prevents the audience from being "oversaturated" with the same ad message.

Advanced analytics provides full real-time analytics by device, allowing advertisers to deeply analyse the performance of their campaigns. This includes analytics across channels, ad campaigns, videos, devices, and more.

Real time

The entire process, from ad insertion to analytics, takes place in real time, which provides continuous control over the process and the ability to quickly adjust advertising strategies.