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About the channel

VIP Comedy Channel

The entertainment channel ViP Comedy will break the longing and give you a great mood. Broadcasting of ten or more first-class comedies per day will certainly make anyone laugh, and the best world actors in the comedy genre will not leave you indifferent. Viasat ViP Comedy is a concentration of highly artistic, intelligent humor seasoned with virtuoso acting. You can watch ViP Comedy online in high quality and with multi-channel sound.

Who will like ViP Comedy?

Everybody loves subtle humor, because the channel will be watched by children, young, adults and elderly people, regardless of status and occupation. The variety of comedies will satisfy even grotesque lovers, connoisseurs of caustic sarcasm and black humor. Laughter is good for people of any age and culture. Presenting the best films and shows, the ViP Comedy channel fosters a sense of taste in kids and young people.

ViP Comedy Broadcasts

Films shown on ViP Comedy will not only cheer you up, but also remind many of your youth. The program of the channel has new comedies and films of the past years. The invigorating action of laughter will add pleasant memories of the time when these films and programs appeared on the screens for the first time.

High-quality humor does not age and after many years causes the best emotions. Young people will find out what the elders laughed at once, and adults will become acquainted with the preferences of the new generation. Here are just a few of the classic comedies that ViP Comedy can show online:

  • Spy next door - beloved by many Jackie Chan plays in a funny film Bob Ho a secret agent and a terrorist fighter who faced serious difficulties, fulfilling the request of a neighbor to nurse her kids;
  • Don’t threaten the south central while drinking juice in your quarter - a classic comedy about a teenager and his family in a Negro quarter, based on gangster folklore, where the protagonist must make a moral choice;
  • Big dad - Sunny is over 30 years old, and he behaves like a child, but in an attempt to prove responsibility to the girl takes custody of a school-age boy;
  • Duplex - a couple are annoyed so much by the annoying granny who lives in their house that they are trying to get rid of her;
  • Back to the Future - a cult science fiction comedy about the adventures of young Marty McFly and his friend Doc in the future and past, where they go to the time machine invented by Doc.

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