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TV1000 World Kino

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About the channel

TV1000 World Kino channel

Channel TV1000 World Kino specializes in world cinema masterpieces. Actual films and films of the past are shown on air 24 hours a day without interruptions in advertising. The channel owns a license to display more than 500 of the best films and is constantly replenishing its base. The assortment of tapes of world, Ukrainian and Russian production.

TV1000 World Kino is part of the Viasat broadcast package, other representatives of which are also available to Sweet.tv subscribers. These include thematic channels on film genres, about history, nature and sport. In 2017, the TV1000 World Kino channel replaced on the air of Ukraine TV1000 Russian Cinema.

TV1000 World Kino audience

Watching TV1000 World Kino will be interesting to the widest possible audience. Films of different years are shown on it, which will appeal to older people. Pictures produced in the USA and Europe are adjacent to Russian and Ukrainian films. Channel TV1000 World Kino online does not give preference to specific genres, the amount of shock content is minimal. Thanks to round-the-clock broadcasting, you can watch movies at any time, which is perfect for those who are awake at night.

TV1000 World Kino Channel Assortment

There is no unequivocal genre orientation for the TV program, but dramatic pictures prevail in the schedule. The focus of the drama is the interweaving of the fate of heroes under the influence of circumstances, human relations, various manifestations of character. At the same time, cinema can be fantastic, historically, filmed based on a literary work. Along with generally recognized masterpieces, less known but very interesting films are shown.

TV1000 World Kino channel immerses the viewer in the development of the plot of the film. He is not interrupted by advertising, the development of drama is completely captivating. Watching movies on the screen with a large diagonal, you can create a complete semblance of a cinema, where nothing interferes with the pleasure of watching. Lovers of specific genres will be pleased:

  • historical films that consider the fate of heroes against the background of significant events, telling also about them;
  • science fiction films in which drama is closely intertwined with the riddles of other worlds, unlimited technical capabilities and the secrets of alien life;
  • comedies, where the fate of the heroes, often difficult, give rise to jokes and unfold in grotesque situations;
  • melodramas that unfold love stories about happiness, disappointment and difficult choices in front of the viewer;
  • detectives revealing the characters of victims, criminals and detectives.

More movies on Sweet.tv

Even the TV1000 World Kino online may not be enough. Sweet.tv films are available on TV1000, ViP, Epic Drama, Hollywood and others from a list of more than 265 items. Sweet.tv film library is available for 5000 films and TV shows in high quality. Returning from the world of feature films to reality will help news channels and political programs live and broadcast Ukrainian and world events on TV. Television channels with programs on nature, history and culture will help you know the world better.