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About the channel

TV 1000 channel

The best channel for movie lovers! Foreign films are the leaders of box office and movie rentals - all on TV1000.

Do you enjoy spending the evening in front of TV with your whole family? Do you understand cinematography, or just enjoy watching quality content from international film studios?

Then TV1000 is the channel for you! The 500 Most Popular Movies of the Year - From Classics to Movie Hits in Recent Years.

Oscar winners and nominees, prize-winners of prestigious Cannes, Venice and Prague film festivals are all located at a distance from the TV.

The TV1000 broadcast grid is designed to allow you to enjoy movies at any time of the day and night. TV1000 is 24/7 of the world's masterpieces.

Get ready to schedule a movie without interrupting your commercial break and losing the story. Everything will happen as if it were in a movie theater - an exciting movie at a convenient time, in excellent quality and with good voice.

These qualities make TV1000 one of the most popular movie channels in Europe for 20 years, and the most sought after. and rating channel in Ukraine.

Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Audrey Hepburn, Julia Roberts and many other favorite movie actors are now at home with TV1000!

With TV1000, stars are getting closer and closer to you!

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What to watch on TV1000?

As of today, the entire broadcasting network of the TV1000 channel consists of feature films of world cinema. Every day, the channel broadcasts tapes from the most famous directors, and their themes vary from melodramas to thrillers and action-packed action films.

Where to watch TV1000 channel?

To watch TV1000, you can use the sweet.tv online service, which provides access to a huge number of channels and video content. It can be used either with a standard web browser or with an application. To download it, just go to the original Google Play or App Store.

How to watch TV1000 channel using Internet TV?

To watch the TV1000 channel, you just need to go through authorization on the sweet.tv website or in the original application. This procedure is performed via SMS and takes no more than one minute. Immediately after that, users have access to a large number of channels for every taste.

What is the broadcasting topic of TV1000 channel?

The channel focuses on broadcasting foreign feature films of various genres. Every day, viewers are shown both classic live action films and novelties of world cinema for all ages and with all tastes.