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Football 3 channel

Football 3 HD TV channel is a new Ukrainian media project owned by Media Group Ukraine. His full-fledged work began in February 2020, and thousands of Ukrainians were waiting for the screens.

Soccer 3 HD Channel Features

Even before the launch of the sports television channel, the leadership outlined an action plan and explained why there was a need to create a third member of the family of football channels. On this occasion, Alexander Denisov, director of Football 3 HD, says that now there will be much more content. It will be evenly distributed across three TV channels, and the viewer will have more opportunities to get a high-quality view of their favorite programs, football matches and other sports programs.

Another goal that the developers pursued was to acquaint Ukrainian fans with quality content, expand the existing line of football product and show all broadcasts in excellent quality.

Football 3 TV Channel Content

Football 3 HD playground for real football gourmets. This channel is for those who understand a lot about excellent football or are just beginning to understand all the intricacies of sports and competitions. Content developers for Ukrainian fans have become many well-known sports journalists and editors. They made a unique program, which until now did not exist on Ukrainian television.

The channel broadcasts such sports events:

  • UEFA Nations League international tournament among European teams;
  • Ligue 1 competitions that take place in France;
  • bright and unforgettable championship in Belgium, where many of our fellow citizens take part;
  • Spanish La Liga, distinguished by its emotionality and entertainment;
  • Technical Series A from Italy;
  • The Bundesliga from Germany, which is known for uncompromising.

All competitions from different countries, championships and live broadcasts can be watched on Football 3 HD online. The channel provides access to the archive of European Championships, which includes the best matches of the final parts of the latest Euro games (2012 and 2016). Spectators will be able to relive the most exciting moments that have already entered the history of world football.

An interesting step was also in the creation of copyright programs on the channel. So, in the «TOP Match» program, the latest stories from football matches are shown that deserve the attention of even beginners: feints, incredible combinations and the best goals. Football 3 HD can be watched online on the platform of the high-quality Sweet.tv TV application.

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