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"Світ дикої природи".


"Воїни Небесного Легіону".




"Здоров'я у фокусі".


"Казки на піску".


"Просто неба: національні парки".


Хвилина мовчання.


"Оборона України".




"Знайомство з дикою природою".


"Казки на піску".


"Подорож у минуле".






"Воїни Небесного Легіону".


"Здоров'я у фокусі".


"Інша професія".






"Зустріч з тваринами".


"Оборона України".


"Казки на піску".


"Мої друзі тварини".


"Секретно: Друга світова війна".


"Повернення до природи".


"Оборона України".

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Chernivtsi TV channel is a regional TV channel of the city of Chernivtsi and the Chernivtsi region. Covers a fairly wide range. It was created in 2001, and already in 2003 received a license for the all-Ukrainian broadcasting from the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting. The company also includes «Blisk FM» radio. The channel has its own website where you can find the latest news, as well as the YouTube channel. The latter was created in 2011. The main motto of the channel: «Interesting to everyone». Journalists are trying to show that each person may not succeed from the first take, so you need not to give up and continue your business.

Chernivtsi TV channel: main audience

Due to the wide variety of programs this channel is interesting for different segments of the population, regardless of age and gender. News stories are watched by those who want to always stay abreast of the latest developments that are taking place in the region and Ukraine. Journalists try to provide only the latest information. Political and economic shows are suitable for middle-aged audiences. Today it is difficult to imagine the media space of Bukovina without this TV channel. During its existence, the number of journalists and other workers has grown to 50 people, which is a lot for a regional television company. The channel covers more than 1 million viewers.

Chernivtsi TV channel: what content is broadcast?

This channel’s live broadcast is filled with programs and shows of its own production. The basis are projects on political, economic, social and informational topics. Also daily news releases, weather in the region and other interesting programs.

Chernivtsi TV channel online: the most popular programs

Despite the fact that the number of programs is not very large, all of them are of high quality. Among the main ones, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • «Chernivtsi reporter» — a news talk show on political topics that helps residents of Chernivtsi and the region to fully understand the political situation;
  • «IT People» — meetings with people who work in the IT field and have achieved significant results here;
  • «A direct answer» — is a dialogue with famous people (politicians, doctors, economists and others), during which journalists receive answers to questions of interest to the people;
  • «Know our» — interesting stories about enterprises, famous people of the Chernivtsi region;
  • «Yes, that these politicians know» — the cycle of programs on political topics.

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