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About the channel

TV1000 Action channel

TV1000 Action East is a TV channel that will surely appeal to those who cannot imagine life without vivid emotions, events and sensations. There is a broadcast of action films, thrillers, comedies and films of other genres around the clock.

Features of the TV1000 Action East channel

Channel TV1000 Action East in the Ukrainian air appeared relatively recently, but managed to become a favorite of thousands of viewers. Now all the latest movies are available on TV. Channel TV1000 Action East broadcasts in Russian.

The main audience is active people, mostly males. Men enthusiastically look at chases, shooting, intricate puzzles and other stories. One of the important features of the TV1000 Action East is its weekly premieres. These are all kinds of films and series from the best world film studios. Up to 10 premieres are released every month, and about 400 per year.

Watching TV1000 Action East is also loved by those who value the quality of content. Most of the films here are duplicated, because you will not find monophonic translations. An equally important feature is the lack of commercials. You will no longer be torn off from your favorite movie or live broadcast for advertising.

The TV channel broadcasts mainly films from 2000, as well as cult films of the last century. Among the most popular paintings:

  • Ghost Rider;
  • No compromise;
  • 13th district;
  • Point of no return;
  • Red heat.

The most interesting films and premieres go in the evenings and at weekends. This allows you to maximize focus on your favorite content. If you missed one of your favorite movies, don't be discouraged: it will be released in the replay soon. The channel’s ethereal grid is formed so that each film is repeated 2-3 times a week at different times.

How to watch TV1000 Action East?

If you want to watch TV1000 Action East online in HD quality in Ukraine, it is best to do this using the Sweet.tv service. Broadcasting is carried out in good quality, there is a TV program. Especially convenient is the ability to view in the recording: you find the missed movie or program and run on your device. But this is far from the only advantage of the service.

Sweet.tv allows you to watch the TV1000 Action East channel online and gain access to hundreds of other popular domestic and foreign television channels. Choose an affordable rate and enjoy the digital broadcast quality. A library with thousands of films is also provided.

Most modern TV channels have switched to high quality broadcasts in HD or Full HD. Sweet.tv service is a high-quality picture and sound, which is especially important for fans of cinema, music and various programs, because you are completely immersed in what is happening on the screen.