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Founded in 2005, the educational channel Glas pays special attention to the Orthodox faith. His programs tell about the Christian faith, holy books, the lives of saints and the life of the Orthodox community. Attention is paid to acquaintance with the life of Orthodox Christians in other countries, broadcasts of religious chants and sacred music concerts, daily prayers. In addition to the religious theme, the Glas TV channel covers the culture of Ukraine, talks about the classics of prose, poetry, philosophy and theater.

Thanks to the dubbing and dubbing department, the Glas channel is available simultaneously in Russian and Ukrainian. On the official website, you can watch Glass online live and get acquainted with the video archive of the programs.

Audience of TRC Glass

The channel is designed for the whole family, including the smallest viewers. In children's programs, funny animals tell entertaining stories, while teaching the basics of Christian ethics. Adult viewers will learn a lot about the history of Christianity, the life of ascetics and church leaders, hear the priest’s sermons and will be able to pray together.

The task of the Glas TV channel is to introduce a person to the Orthodox faith and culture at all stages of life. A believing Christian will find in his programs answers to most of his questions and learn a lot.

Voice Channel TV Program

The programs of the channel comprehensively cover the religious and cultural life of Orthodox Christians from its inception to the present. For those who want to know more - documentary programs about faith, history and culture. Those seeking solace and explanation are preached by sermons and prayers. Lovers of beauty will be able to enjoy chants and music. Here are just a few of the TV channel’s broadcasts:

  • A kind word - an educational cycle for children and senior spectators, teaching the basics of Orthodoxy, church rites and paraphernalia, telling stories from lives and other holy books in an accessible form;
  • God's peace of beauty - shooting beautiful corners of nature, giving pleasure from the aesthetic perfection of the world;
  • Meal - a project on healthy eating within the framework of fasting and the Orthodox tradition;
  • Architecture - a story about architectural monuments, the decor of buildings and temples, acquaintance with the personalities of their creators;
  • Your compass is a program for pilgrims about different cities and countries, their history, modern life and holy places;
  • Dzherelo mystestv - transmission about the achievements and fate of cultural figures;
  • Guide - the author’s program of Alexei Kolesnik about spiritual searches and trials, searching for answers to the most important questions;
  • 14+ is a program for teens and about teens with games and contests that answers their questions and tells adults about their perceptions.

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Among the channels available to subscribers about faith and Christian traditions, they will tell Glas channel online, as well as KRT. The service provides an opportunity to develop spiritually, watch educational programs about nature, history and cultural achievements on more than 265 TV channels in high quality. Regular promotions and discounts will help to evaluate the richness of the assortment.