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About the channel
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The national news channel Ukraine 24 began broadcasting in December 2019. The young channel was created by Media Group Ukraine. The program of the channel consists of regular and advanced news releases, talk shows with invited guests. Watch Channel 24 Ukraine online on the official website. The new channel has not yet been added to the list of its television programs everywhere - hurry up to subscribe to Sweet.tv and watch it now.

TV channel Ukraine 24 is presented on Youtube, Facebook, Telegram and Instagram. The channel has set itself an ambitious goal - to become the number one multi-platform news media resource in Ukraine. A team of experienced journalists with combat training on the Ukraine channel and other news resources will strive for such a result.

Ukraine 24 conducts satellite broadcasting and is actively moving into the network of programs of as many cable operators as possible. Management announced free broadcasting and no plans for encoding the signal in the future.

Media Group Ukraine Limited Liability Company includes such information resources as Ukraine TV channel, UFO TV channels and Indigo TV, sports TV channels Football 1 and 2, international TV channels Ukraine 1 and 2, a number of regional media, today's media platform, media- agency, production company and its own satellite TV operator.

Viewers of the channel 24 Ukraine

The answer to the question of who the TV channel sees as its audience is simple - as many adult Ukrainians as possible, able to navigate the situations around us. Ukraine 24 plans to maximize the coverage by all possible means and reach out to the mind and heart of every resident of the country. The population will be able to watch Ukraine 24 in any convenient way and be able to compare the flow of information with other media.

Program of the TV channel Ukraine 24

The channel is under development, the program guide is constantly updated and changed. Many premieres are already planned, but not yet announced. Ukraine 24 plans to attract the best journalists of the country and fully cover all formats and format capabilities. The standard daily broadcast is built on the following schedule:

  • ten hour news releases every hour from 9:00 to 20:30;
  • final half-hour news - at 21:30;
  • at 10:40, 14:30 and 19:30 talk shows begin.

The schedule includes the following authoring programs:

  • A large interview with Tigran Martirosyan;
  • The real policy of Evgeny Kiselev;
  • Evening with Yanina Sokolova.

News and politics at Sweet.tv

Sweet.tv service offers Ukraine 24 online channel and a full range of Ukrainian television news. Turning to various sources, watching live broadcasts and broadcasts of important events, the viewer has everything necessary to form his own point of view. And to take a break from the turbulent events of political and public life, he has at his disposal more than 265 channels from the Sweet.tv catalog, as well as an archive with thousands of high-quality films for convenient viewing at any time.