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Т/с "Покоївка", 5-8 с.


Т/с "Покоївка", 5 і 6 с.


Х/ф "Остання роль Рити".


Т/с "Східні солодощі 2", 21-24 с.


Х/ф "Кульбабка".


Т/с "Покоївка", 5-8 с.


Х/ф "Всі мають померти".


Т/с "Східні солодощі 2", 23 і 24 с.


Х/ф "Ти тільки вір", 1 і 2 с.


Х/ф "Сестричка".


Х/ф "Любов на два полюси".


Т/с "Східні солодощі 2", 23 і 24 с.


Х/ф "Ти тільки вір", 1 і 2 с.


Т/с "Покоївка", 7 і 8 с.


Х/ф "Позаземний".


Т/с "Східні солодощі 2", 23 і 24 с.


Х/ф "Ти тільки вір", 1 і 2 с.


Х/ф "Всі мають померти".


Т/с "Покоївка", 7 і 8 с.


Х/ф "Протистояння", 1 і 2 с.


Х/ф "Любов на два полюси".


Х/ф "Ти тільки вір", 1-4 с.

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Star Family HD

Star Family HD is a family-owned TV channel that is saturated with the atmosphere of coziness and home comfort. It is designed to unite the family in the evening for joint leisure, because it’s not in vain that the TV channel’s logo is a big puzzle detail.

Features of Star Family HD TV channel

The channel was opened in Ukraine and started broadcasting for the first time in March 2017 and during that time became popular in our country.

The owner is Star Media, a company that produces films in the genres of melodrama and drama. But the channel only partially borrowed films from the parent company, because the main feature of the project is to satisfy the needs of all viewers.

Star Family HD Channel Audience and Content

The main viewers of the channel are all family members, as the content is distributed over time. So, in the afternoon there are mainly melodramas and series for housewives who remain at home alone. After lunch, more often show educational programs or movies that are interesting to children and adolescents. Movies or TV shows suitable for family viewing appear in the evening. So the channel unites everyone with the help of another film. The creators put an age limit of 12+ (this mark is usually used for melodramas produced by Star Media).

To a greater extent, the Star Family HD channel broadcasts films produced by the parent company, but also shows educational projects, historical documentaries. In genres by the amount of airtime, melodramas, dramas and thrillers win.

On the channel everyone will find a hobby:

  • fascinating dokudramas designed for teens;
  • for women movies about love and self-development;
  • men will be drawn to action films, thrillers, detective stories and military-themed films.

Not only new items are broadcast here. The bulk of the content is old, a little forgotten projects that were very popular. If you like hot stories, cute acting and family idyll, you should definitely watch Star Family HD.

The most popular series are:

  • Hold me tight (2007);
  • Outer Space (2013);
  • Theft Rules (2009);
  • Mom Detective (2012);
  • Grandfather (2011);
  • History of Ukraine (program cycle since 2007).

The TV program is updated daily, so you will not notice annoying repetitions of the same series. Watch Star Family HD online a convenient option for leisure activities.

Features of the app

Good quality and intuitive interface is what you need in addition to watch Star Family HD online. can provide this. This is a special platform for online television, where the movie library is updated every day and now there are already more than five thousand programs, films, TV shows, cartoons and other interesting content.

Using the application, you can watch channels at any time of the day. Users are offered a choice of several types of tariffs, from a small fee to a high one. In any package you get a fairly large list of options and functions, and use the first week of testing the application for free. You can easily select a TV channel and watch in accordance with the TV program, or find a specific movie.